Real Avid Armorers Master Wrench

Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 16.80 × 7.90 × 1.50 in

Real Avid




Stainless Steel




Armorer's Wrench





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Armorer’s Master Wrench from Real Avid is available to you right now to make
your next job easy and quick! The master wrench comes with seat sockets that
are extremely deep, designed to firmly hold onto the barrel nut, the flash
hider, the muzzle brake, the castle nut, the rifle length buffer tube, or the
compensator of your weapon without ever slipping off of or stripping an
important piece of equipment. In order to utilize all the power of the secure
sockets, the wrench’s handle comes with a fantastic ergonomic shape to maximize
the torque applied to every job, letting you take apart carbon-frozen or stubborn
parts easier than you ever have been able to do before.

This 100%
satisfying wrench is tough and strong, made from the best steel to be
incredibly durable. Also, the wrench is hardened to nearly twice of what the closest
competitor can offer, meaning this wrench is never going to snap or break under
pressure. You can apply the force needed to do the job in confidence without
any worry, loosening up those stubborn or frozen nuts. The wrench is
multi-purpose and can also be used as a hammer, beating things into place
because it is so strong and solid. It offers three heads that are all
interchangeable. It has a nylon head, a rubber head, and a brass head. These
will enable you to utilize this wrench in countless different jobs while
gunsmithing. When precision is key, you are able to pair the armorer’s tools
with any ½ inch torque wrench to ensure your build stays to exact
specifications, giving you reliable accuracy every time.

The Maser
Wrench functions as a castle nut wrench, a 1/2” torque receiver, a 5/8” wrench
for receiver extensions that are A2, a ¾” muzzle device wrench, a military-spec
barrel nut wrench, a barrel nut wrench that is free float. It also comes laser
etched with different torque specifications. Whether you are an armorer, a novice
gunsmith, or a gun enthusiast, this is the master wrench you need in your
collection. When it comes to something as important as your firearm, you can’t
take any chances with the tools you use in its maintenance. This is why so many
people trust Real Avid with their gunsmithing needs.

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