Real Avid Gun Tool Pro for AR-15

Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 12.20 × 7.20 × 3.50 in



Real Avid


Flat Dark Earth


Stainless Steel




Gun Tool Pro







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The Gun
Pro AR-15 Tool from Real Avid is a highly specific mission tool that comes
included with more functionality than you can imagine. There are an amazing 35
tools stuffed inside of this one unit that are all extremely useful, very
strong, and built to get your job done faster. The tool comes in a frame that
is rugged, slim, and is easily carried. You can use this great gun tool to keep
all your treasured weapons firing, functioning at top performance, and
maintaining the best possible accuracy. This is the preferred tool for AR-15
owners when they are going into the field or to the range.

The gun tool
comes equipped with a durable coating of black oxide, which works to protect
the tool from any possible scratches while still giving a high resistance to
corrosion. The finish also works to give the gun tool a very long life of
positive use. The best and most used function on this amazing gun tool might be
the cotter pin puller, which can be used to easily remove the firing pin within
seconds from the bolt carrier. This job can be a nightmare without this tool,
especially if you have not properly cleaned your weapon in a long time and the
pin is stuck inside of the carrier.

There is
also a nylon sheath that comes included with this tool. The sheath is
compatible with the MOLLE system and lets you attach the tool onto just about
any tactical range bag. It can even be attached onto a carrier rigging system
so that you don’t lose the tool. With this tool you can scrape carbon, tear
down your weapon, maintain the small parts, reassemble a cleaned weapon, and do
quick repairs at the range or in the field.

with this tool is one bolt carrier scraper, one 2.5” knife blade (claw point),
one lanyard loop, one nine-function scraper for bolt/firing pin/cam, ¼” bit
driver, one cotton pin puller, ¼” bit wrench to offer additional torque, one
sheath that is MOLLE compatible. There is also a bolt override tool and 11
specific driver bits meant for your firearm. This includes Torx, Allen,
Phillips, and flat bits. There is an A1 & A2 adjust for front sights, a tap
hammer, a fine metal file, a pin punch, an 8-32 receiver that is threaded, and
one storage compartment that is magnetic and removable.

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