Real Avid Range Station

Weight 2.69 lbs
Dimensions 15.50 × 5.90 × 3.40 in

Real Avid




Range Station





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This is a wildly popular range
station brought to you by Real Avid. The station comes with a 12×24” mat that
is grippy and padded to stay in place on the countertop or wherever you need a
remote workstation, holding your weapons and your equipment securely. The case
this station comes in works by either snapping onto the left side of the mat or
the right side of the mat. This gives ultimate convenience for any shooter. The
trays on the interior are sized to fit magazines and ammo boxes that are
standard. There are also unique compartments that work to hold range gear that
is smaller, like pens, target markets, rulers, and other things of that nature.
These compartments make sure that all of your gadgets, gear, and other items
are organized neatly and ready to be used. The mat is able to be rolled up and
then stored neatly in a compact way for use later on. The mat also has a non-slip
back that repels solvents and oils.

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