Reliance Hassock Easy Disposal and Portable Toilet

Weight 4.80 lbs
Dimensions 14.70 × 13.90 × 12.40 in






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Product Description
The wonderful thing about this portable toilet is its lightweight structure and the fact that it is self-contained. This toilet is portable, you can have it with you anywhere you go at your convenience. Have it with you on a campground, when in a ship’s cabin or when on water. This portable toilet is one of the best available, with a smoothly shaped seat, a removable inner bag for comfortable waste disposal and clean-up.
It comes with an in-built splash over, together with a toilet paper holder. What more? This portable toilet is in alliance with our standard double doodie bag, which means no crack would occur when using the clean-up and waste discarding features together.
We should note that this item is not your regular toilet. You have to sit on it differently, from the regular toilet. It is not affixed to anything, so you have to use some balancing. It is an external compartment, with a pail on the inside… it’s a basin with a handle, much the same as a mop bucket…then the plastic seat goes over that. I fixed the container with sacks sold for that reason, they turned out fine and dandy. The can is profound, so you don’t feel like the last store is “dangerously close.” A cover goes on top when you are done to keep bugs and climate out. The plastic that holds the tissue fits inside the whole thing, however, I wouldn’t do that except when it’s perfect and away. The bathroom tissue holder sits well on the ground at a point like the image.

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