Remington 35 Whelen 200 Grain Soft Point Core-Lokt Ammunition 20 Box

Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 5.90 × 3.60 × 1.40 in



35, Whelen






Point, Pointed, Soft



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Remington’s fabulous Core-Lokt ammunition for your rifle is top of the line in the industry. These rounds have a whole lot of stopping power, meaning they are proven to be useful in hunting big game out in the bush. Their copper jacket is progressively tapered to be extra deadly and penetrate deeply. The jacket is also locked into the lead core, which is very solid. This system of locking means you are going to get a perfect expansion and a high retention of weight after the round impacts. All you need to do is shoot a few rounds of this awesome Core-Lokt ammo to see what all the buzz is about. There is a good reason Remington and their rifle ammo has been the industry leader for decades. The Core-Lokt ammunition is in fact one of the best and highest performing bullets for hunting that has ever been developed. This ammunition uses the best primers, premium powders, and strong brass cases. You can rely on this ammunition anywhere and in any situation. Firing at a velocity of 2,675 FPS with 200 grain soft points. Made for the 35 Whelen.

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