Remington Swift Scirocco Bonded 300 RUM 180 Grain Ammunition

Weight 1.81 lbs
Dimensions 6.50 × 3.80 × 1.40 in






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Remington offers this premium Scirocco ammunition in its line of fabulous big game ammo. It combines all of the very best features in performance that have been invented over the last fifty years. This Swift Scirocco Bonded bullet is remarkable. It combines tip ballistics of polymer with high weight retention to become the most well-advanced bullet with a polymer tip to ever be produced in a factory. The loading process is precise and uses the best components available, ensuring every piece of ammunition is delivered with the highest quality. This ammunition is unquestionably better than any other brand available. The polymer tip generates massive expansion and the boat tail type combines with it to give great resistance to air at the front of it, reducing the drag at the back. The heavy jacket of pure copper is progressively thickening and bonds straight to the lead core to make sure the bullet maintains its integrity and preserves over 75% of its weight regardless of the velocity. The bullet also has concentricity that is precise and a secant ogive nose type profile that produces a phenomenal amount of accuracy. These Swift Scirocco bullets are more high class than most bullets money can buy today. Bonded bullets give hunters a desirable combo of superb accuracy, great retention of weight and expansion with all over ultimate terminal results. There are 20 rounds per box.

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