Remington Hog Hammer .308 Winchester 168 Grain Ammunition TSX Bullets 20-200

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.80 × 3.10 × 1.30 in






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Remington’s Hog Hammer series of ammunition is the hardiest, toughest, and meanest ammo out there on the market. The Hog Hammer ammo penetrates deeper than most, piercing any animal with super thick skin without any problems. This ammunition boasts a construction of all-copper to give an extra punch to the penetration factor, way more than lead-core type bullets. This is the toughest and roughest expanding bullet that money can buy. It offers almost 100% in retained weight on-hog, while it expands quickly to give brutal wound channels. Hog Hammer employs a flash-supressed type of propellant that is great for dark night conditions or hunts taken place with low light. These are hollow point with a slim profile, an Accu-Groove, and a heel radius that is precision.

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