Remington Squeeg-E Cleaning System Range Bag

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 8.40 × 5.80 in





Cleaning, Kit, Squeeg-E




Cleaning, Kit



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The Remington Squeeg-E Cleaning System Range Bag is a hugely versatile item to carry all of your most important cleaning materials. The system comes equipped with all ten sizes of Remington’s “Squeeg-es.” Also, it comes with all the bronze bore matching brushes. These are: .22/.223/5.56mm” .243″ .270/7mm” .308/7.62mm” 9mm/.380/.357″ .40/10mm” .44/.45″ .50/.410″ 20GA/28GA” 12GA/16GA. There is an entire coated cable system in shotgun, handgun, and rifle lengths that will never scratch or mar your weapon’s barrel. There is also a fast snap type T-handle that gives you very quick adaptability, brass brushes, nylon, and one revolver adapter that is threaded. More items included in this range bag are the Remington pad gun mat, a cloth for the gun, a one-ounce bottle of Remington oil, and a five-ounce bottle of Remington’s all-in bore cleaner, which is a new addition and contains some of the best chemicals in the industry. All of these things will remove the need to have patches while reducing potential waste and saving a lot of time otherwise spent cleaning. The Squeeg-E sizes are handgun specific. The bag itself is incredibly tough and embroidered. It comes with a gun care system that is universal. The external fabric is resistant to water, keeping everything inside safe.  The bag will hold two full handguns and ten extra magazines, plus all your cleaning materials and other accessories. The Rem Pad that comes included is machine-washable and 12” x 10”. The bottle of All-In Bore Cleaner will give a great performance on plastic, carbon, copper, and lead fouling. The tools in the package use universal threads that are 8/32.

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