Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster w- Belt Loop Glock 26-27 Right Hand- Plain Black

Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 11.50 × 7.12 × 4.00 in



Black, Plain


26, 27, Fits, Glock




Hand, Right






Holster, Paddle



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This holster from Safariland is an open-top model of paddle holster that comes included with the amazing ALS feature (automatic locking system) to keep your weapon holstered with the proper retention it needs. This holster is a mixture of the ALS security system and the highly concealable and accessible makeup of an open-top style of paddle holster. What you get is a holster that is durable and well-made for all the trials of daily life while holstered on the hip of a pain-clothed police officer or another carrier of sidearms. The ALS feature works to lock the weapon firmly in place the second it is holstered, but still allowing you to have a natural quick draw with a single swipe of the easy thumb release. You will have your weapon in hand, aimed, and ready to fire in a split second. The holster itself is constructed from SafariLaminate, making it tough on the outside and resistant to the elements and all the other abuses of daily life. On the interior there is SafariSuede, protecting the sights and the finish of your trusted firearm from scratches and damage. This model comes included with the standard belt look and also with the paddle attachment. That’s a big combo! Another solid, versatile, functional, and very attractive holster from Safariland.

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