Scotty Kayak SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear Head

Weight 0.95 lbs
Dimensions 12.50 × 2.50 × 0.95 in

Fishing, Scotty





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Product Description
Mounting Arm is of acceptable quality material that will give you significant function over a long period without corroding. adjustable telescope arm, with a track estimation one to three- quarter wide by three over eight height by seven inches long.comes with a four inches usable track made of unyielding quality composite material. It turns 360 degrees, with the ability to immediately drop and lock. The Adapter works as identified with the slide track and enables a blend of the Scotty kayak slide, with a straightforward technique to present transducers for transport. This Scotty Kayak Transducer mounting part which is made of sustenance quality material that will offer you its construes for a significant long time without disintegration issues, moreover it joins the Slip Disks that offer littler scope modification when required.
The sup telescopes from a limited 11.5 to 18 inches when expanded and turns 360 degrees, fits securely into a slide track rail on the product. It allows you to mount another Scotty extra at the top. The arm telescopes from a traditionalist 11.5 inches, to 18 inches when expanded. It delivers very much perfectly when used, and durable.

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