Scout Stove Package


This package is a great way to get started with our Scout Stove. Our Scout stove is perfect for pyramid tents or small wall tents where space is limited. It is also convenient to carry, weighing only 23lbs. The Scout Stove Package includes stove, stove legs and 5 additional accessories.

  • nestingpipeNesting stovepipe is 1" bigger at the top than the bottom. Joints fit inside of the piece below. Small piece fits inside next larger size etc.

    damperBy opening or closing the dampers, air flow can be increased or decreased, which can fan the fire in the wood compartment making it hotter, or "dampen" it by restricting airflow and reducing the flames.

    warmingtray14 gauge steel water tank, fits on either side of your stove. Nice for keeping things warm and added work space.

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    22legsOur 22" Legs are designed to extend the height of the stove an additional 10". This makes it nice for cooking while standing up as well as loading wood in your stove. Sold as a set of four.

    sparkarrestorMade of wire mesh, protects your tent and the forest from harmful sparks that can damage the tent. Required in some states.

    waterheater_120 gauge steel water heater, safe for cooking and drinking. Can be used on either side of your stove.

    grate_1_1A must if you plan to burn coal or use charcoal briquettes. Not necessary if burning wood only.

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