Seekins Precision AR Advanced Tactical Compensator 5-8x24 Melonite Black

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 3.25 × 1.50 in

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This highly versatile Advanced Tactical Compensator from Seekins Precision was manufactured with an idea to be the most revolutionary and very best functioning compensator sold on the market. Because gases act like fluids, Seekins used computational fluid dynamics analytic software to design the best port configuration and highest quantity, thus giving the maximum in recoil reduction and muzzle rise. Rather than letting the initial port do all the work, the front facing ports act to spread the gas out. This innovative design lessens the felt recoil and reduces most of the muzzle rise without needing to have ports on the top. This is an incredible innovation in compensator design. The Advanced Tactical Compensator gives quicker follow-up shots and way faster transitioning between targets. This is ideal for serious shooters. There is no other compensator around today that is so simple to install. The ATC does not use a crush washer. It instead uses a timing nut to bring an effortless flow to the installation and removal of this item. You no longer need to worry about crush washers, peel washers, or a repetition of trial and error in order to gain the correct alignment. There is no excess gunsmithing required to use this compensator. The finish is Melonite black.

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