Seirus Large Black Xtreme All Weather Glove Mens

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 12.05 × 4.90 × 2.05 in






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Product Description
The Seirus Xtreme All Weather Men’s Glove is a product common with those into sports such situations in situations of extreme cold without the cold biting into their hands. Therefore, it is common with people who stay in country that have winters, among sportsmen that utilize snow such as skating, ice skating, and hockey. It can also be used by those in warmer conditions for the above reason coupled with a perfect grip it gives out on being used. You can wear the glove for the whole day without feeling its presence due to the form-fit next to skin fit. The glove has a thin feel that makes it easy to wield due to the freedom in the mobility and a highly sensitive tactile feel. The Seirus Xtreme All Weather Men’s Glove is the warmest, driest and lightweight glove you can ever get across with the warmth enhanced by the black color it comes in. the design was done utilizing a fleece lining which is responsible for the lightweight while being durability. The Xtreme All Weather Men’s Glove comes in a large size and is 100% waterproof making it impenetrable to water, thereby reducing the degradation of the material used in making it.

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