Side Kick Stove


    The Side Kick Stove offers large stove conveniences while at the same time being light-weight for easy carrying. • With Riley’s Patented designed non-warp tops and air-cooled bottoms the Side Kick Stove does not require sand to protect the bottom of the stove.

    • Select whether you would like all the stovepipe needed to set up this stove.

      4 pieces of 5in by 24in. Total length = 96in tall

      By opening or closing the dampers, air flow can be increased or decreased, which can fan the fire in the wood compartment making it hotter, or "dampen" it by restricting airflow and reducing the flames.

      This style attaches in your stove pipe just above your stove to keep the sparks under control.

      Water tank fits on the side of your stove. Comes with faucet.

      Large Shelf attaches to the side of the stove on side hooks for increased workspace and heat to pans if you choose.

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