SilencerCo Alpha ASR Mount Black Finish

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 6.50 × 4.00 × 1.70 in



9K/45K, Omega




ASR, Mount





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The main leader in manufacturing fantastic
devices and accessories for your firearm is SilencerCo, especially pieces for
noise reduction, flash reduction, and recoil reduction. Their suppressor
technology is incredibly advanced, and they make some of the greatest adapters
and mounts you can get your hands on in this country. The Alpha ASR Mount is
going to let you use one extremely nice mounting system for a whole slew of
different kinds of suppressors. Once the mount is shouldered, there is a
locking ring that works to make sure the suppressor won’t rotate or work itself
into a loose position during intense bouts of firing your weapon. The mount
comes with a black matte finish. It will adapt some suppressors straight to an
ASR type of mount. The device works with the Omega 9 K, the Omega 45 K, the
Octane 45, the Octane 9, and the Harvester 300 Suppressor.

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