SilencerCo ASR Flash Hider 1-2x28 .224 Caliber

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 3.50 × 1.50 × 3.00 in



Harvester, Omega, Specwar




ASR, Flash, Hider


Flash, Hider



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The ASR (Active Spring Retention)
series of flash hiders from SilencerCo are some of the very best devices you
can attach onto your trusted weapon. The ASR mount is a QD quick attaching and
quick detaching system that can be used with just about every single suppressor
from SilencerCo. The system is able to be used with one hand, mounting on or
off quickly. The flash hider is fully compatible with every ASR series of
muzzle device to give you easy transferring from one silencer directly to
another silencer. Once it is shouldered, there is a locking ring which will
ensure the silencer will never rotate or somehow work itself into a loose
position under an intense amount of continuous firing.

The ASR flash hider uses resonance
type suppression, which is patent-pending from SilencerCo, and works to efficiently
get rid of the tuning-fork effect that sometimes happens when using a competing
flash hider with 3 prongs.

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