Stearns Personal Floatation Device for Children Gold Color 3000002197

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Dimensions 14.75 × 14.15 × 4.20 in






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Product Description
The Stearns Youth Watersport Classic Series is gaining popularity as one of the best products made by Stearns. It is a recommended product seen on ships, boats, towboats, and water transportation means as a way of personal safety in case there is an occurrence of accident thereby reducing the loss of lives. Like others of the Classic Series, it is an approved life jacket by the United States Coast Guard which on adorning provides comfort, safety, and peace of mind even though you won’t notice its presence. It is made using materials such as the Nylon shell, Crosstech foam which ensures buoyancy and high durability in the same context, this, therefore, reduces the fear of the vest tearing or getting punctured when used in water, it also improves the longevity. The vest can be used all day without worrying about the comfort due to having a lightweight, it can also support children weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. The vest can be adjusted using the 1-inch straps with three buckle design located at the chest region, it also has a leg strap and two large armholes which aids better movement. The vest is not a recommended tool for people that cannot swim or those that have not fully adapted to swimming to reduce accidents. The life jacket comes in a gold color.

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