Stearns Pink Frog- Child Life Jacket - Puddle Jumper Deluxe.

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Pink Frog- Child Life Jacket -Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe.
Well, children love to play with and in water. The Child Life Jacket -Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe is designed for the latter. To make kids enjoy their time in the water without fear of drowning.
The USA coast authority certified the jacket for use to keep your child safe while they play in the water( average big body of water or even seemingly shallow one.
The jacket is ideal for swimming lessons, pool fun parties, beach recreation, and boat or canoe riding for kids. Little ones will be able to engage in these activities without fear.
The jacket is adjustable according to size. It is designed to be well fitted and allow free movement of the limbs.
The buckle at the rear part of the jacket can be easily coupled and detached for quick and easy getting in and out of the jacket.
Despite using this jacket, parent are advised to still an eye on their kids while the beach , pool or any water body.

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