Sticky Holster Ankle Biter

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 6.00 × 1.50 in

Holsters, Sticky




Holsters, Sticky





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The Ankle
Biter is an ankle holster specially designed to work on your leg as a
high-quality rig to keep your gun within reach at all times. It is a very
exciting modular type of concealment holster developed and produced by Sticky Holsters
to work in perfect harmony with any in the waistband holster or pocket holster
from Sticky Holster, fitting you with a fun and easy carrying method for your
weapon. It is important to note that the inside the waistband and pocket
holster are both sold separately.

You are
able to wear this holster securely on your ankle, in your pocket, or in your
waistband thanks to Sticky Holster’s constant innovation, giving you countless
ways to conceal your weapon with their stylish and cool products. Additionally,
this holster will work fine with a lot of different pocket holsters and inside
the waistband holsters that don’t come from Sticky Holster. You can even use
holsters with clips.

The Ankle
Biter Leg Rig uses the exact same firm, self-securing type of design as the other
holsters from Sticky Holster. It works to keep the weapon attached safely to
your leg, your pistol or other handgun holstered until the time you need it.
The holster is super adjustable and will fit straight onto either your leg or
the top part of a boot. It is best used with guns that are smaller. However,
you are limited only by what kind of cut your pants are. It is even possible to
carry an additional magazine or a spare knife beside your favorite pistol. The
variations are endless with the great Ankle Biter Holster!

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