Surefire Offset Rail Mount for Scout

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 4.00 × 1.00 in





M300, M600, Or, Scout







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The Offset Rail Mount from Surefire is a specially designed offset mount
made to be used with Scout Lights that are already equipped with a standard
thumbscrew style clamp. The Mount will work to position the light into a highly
useful offset location snug between the mil-std picatinny rails on the forend
of your weapon. This works to decrease the profile of your weapon and limit any
potential of there being snags. This means you won’t catch the mount on your gear
or some environmental obstruction.

The Offset Rail Mount is robust because it comes fully crafted from
aluminum that is lightweight and aerospace grade. It also comes anodized with mils-spec
type 3 hard coat, keeping it super resistant to corrosion and other harmful
effects without adding any additional weight to whichever weapon you are using.
In truth, this is the best attachment to use alongside your Scout Light, since
it will make the light even more low profile and streamlined. This mount is
innovative and very unique. It will fit with the M300, the M300V, the M600U,
the M600P, the M600AA. The finish is black.

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