S&W Set of 6 Bullseye Throwers with 8.00 inches in overall Length

Weight 1.89 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 4.40 × 1.90 in

&, Smith, Wesson





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Product Description
The six sets of throw knives are made from the notable 2Cr13MoV, it makes the blade hard and durable, to withstand stress and elements that possibly might affect and reduce the blade quality overtime. It is strong and fits into the activity it’s intended for.
The thrower knives in 8inches each with the same handle material as it’s the blade. The handle also carries the same quality as the blade itself. Unlike the generic handle common with most knives, which made from various rubber and polymer and other thermoplastic materials. The sheath is durable and lasts through time.
These throw knives are ideal sets for hunters and use in tactical situations, an ideal weapon for soldiers. It’s easy to carry and can be concealed effortlessly in its sheath.
it is packed with a sheath, a nylon sheath to keep the knives safe when not in use and from any sort of environmental element. The sheath is designed to for the blades perfectly and hold them tightly in place. Sheath
The Smith and Wesson knives are high-quality knives. S and w are constant and competitive knives manufacturers, making quality knives and yet at reasonable prices for consumers all around the world.

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