Swab-Its AR-15 .223-5.56 MSR Firearm Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning, Kit


Cleaning, Kit



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Swab-Its incredibly useful cleaning kit is a great way to keep your weapon functional and looking great. The kit works by using tools that are reusable and lint-free, keeping your firearm spick and span. It combines all the best cleaning tools with the Breakthrough Battle Born HP Pro to clean and preserve the longevity of your weapon. The tools are modern and engineered specifically to be used in today’s most common sporting rifles. Included inside the cleaning kit are the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs, which work to clean the barrel extension and the locking lugs. There are the .223 caliber/5.56mm Bore-Tips, which can penetrate and clean the deepest types of rifling and use a 360-degree method to contact the bore. The threads will screw into any 8/32” cleaning rod. There are no cleaning rods included in the kit. There are also the 9-piece multi-surface gun tips, which are four specialized swabs used to clean all of the triggers, chambers, and bolts. Lastly is the Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born HP Pro, which offers protection from corrosion for a long time, and also lubrication.

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