Swarm .22 inch Caliber Whisper Air Rifle

Weight 7.82 lbs
Dimensions 48.00 × 7.00 × 2.75 in






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Product Details
The Whisper Air Rifle is a popular product among individuals that are thrill about the shooting. It is used mostly as a target practice and care must be taken when used to remove the risk of injury. There are many features that make the Whisper Air Rifle to be referred amongst shooters, one is the 10X Quick Shot System, this is in form of a rotary magazine that can contain 10 calibers, this system utilizes the calibers and gives a faster loading of bullets to provide an efficient shooting. Another is the Whisper Noise Dampening Technology that makes it one of the best rifles in the airgun industry, this technology reduces the noise associated using the muzzle that is attached to the barrel, this makes the Whisper Air rifle a good tool in hunting. The Air rifle is made using a material that connotes high durability under any weather, it was worked using a polymer jacketed steel barrel, a 4×32 scope and an automotive-grade glass filled nylon that renders it resistant to many conditions that can lead to loss of values such as rust and corrosion and improves handling during shooting. It utilizes a .22 inches caliber that gives high accuracy and penetration at a speed of 975 fps suitable for shooting at small games an IGT piston. a Gamo scope rail and Standard trigger.

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