TacStar Tactical Rail Mount w- Slimline Sidesaddle Mossberg 500-590 6-Shell Sidesaddle

Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.75 × 3.00 in







Saddle, Side



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TacStar Tactical Rail Mount is an absolute innovation in straddle design for your extra shotshell carrying needs. This great unit is rigid, lightweight aluminum that straddles your entire receiver to give you the most stable carrying method for your shells. The body of this unit is built with an anodized finish that is non-glare. The top part of the picatinny rail is able to accommodate a lot of different accessories. Still, it sits high enough to let you continue to use the shotgun’s handy bead sight. There is also a ghost ring effect created because the mount acts like a large sized rear sight. The TacStar Rail Mount Sidesaddle is an excellent unit to equip your shotgun with, making you fully prepared for any situation at home or out in the field. You can mount optics, scopes, or sights onto the built-in picatinny rail, as the sidesaddle wraps around your weapon to fit extremely tight onto the receiver. It carries 6 extra shotshells with supreme confidence. The sidesaddle is constructed from synthetic rubber that is very flexible and won’t fracture or crack like plastic saddles. It also will not get stretched out or warn with a lot of use. This tool ensures you will never be caught by surprise with no ammo for your gun.

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