Tactical Innovations Sig Sauer .22LR 1911 1-2x28 Adapter with Thread Protector

Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 3.00 × 0.50 in

Innovations, Tactical






1/2X28, Protector, W/Thread


.22LR, 1911, Sauer, Sig



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This is an upgrade for your SIG Sauer .22LR 1911 handgun that will let you get the most fun you can possibly have. With this fantastic multi-purpose adapter, you can mount absolutely any accessory that has a thread pitch of 1/2×28. This means you can attach a suppressor, an AR-15 flash hider, or an unrestricted fake suppressor from Tactical Innovations. This is the very best adapter to use along with your SIG Sauer to have maximum customizing options. You can do just about anything with this small, high-quality adapter. The factory barrel nut on your pistol is replaced easily and quickly with this simple thread adapter and you don’t even need to make any annoying modifications. It really is that simple.  This adapter from Tactical Innovations is CNC manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances from a tough solid steel rod. This is not an aluminum unit. This manufacturing is done in one smooth operation that makes sure the threads are aligned exactly and are still hot salt blued to sync well with your weapon. Every one of these adapters comes included with the adapter and also with one knurled OD thread protector. For anyone who hasn’t yet purchased a thread adapter, this is a crucial part in making your gun versatile and practical.

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