Tactical Solutions Ruger MK Series Pac-Lite Ambidextrous Holster Low-Black

Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 10.50 × 7.00 × 4.00 in

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The Pac-Lite Holster from Tactical Solutions is one heck of a holster!
This baby is designed to fit seamlessly with any of the Mark Series weapons
from Ruger. This means the MKI, the MKII, the MKIII, the MKIV, and also the Ruger
22 and the Rugger 45 .22LR pistols. The holster will accommodate any of these
weapons whether they have an optic or no optic. That is a lot of versatility
for one holster. It is even ambidextrous to let both right-handed and
left-handed users enjoy the amazing retention that is offered by the holster.
It even has retention that is adjustable to increase the possible flexibility
of the unit. In fact, Tactical Solutions had to work very closely with Black
Dog Machine to create this awesome holster, since it is such a unique and
special design.

The holster itself is crafted from the strongest KYDEX material
possible. It has retention screws and will fit belts that are incredibly wide,
up to an entire 2”. This is great for those who have heavy duty belts that don’t
fit properly in a lot of holsters. Not only does this model accommodate Ruger
weapons that have optics, they will also work with models that have
suppressors, tapered barrels, bull barrels, or slab side barrels. The color of
the holster is a very attractive matte black.

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