tenzing 3 liter hydartion system tz with dust cover

Weight 2.30 lbs
Dimensions 9.38 × 8.38 × 6.00 in






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The product features a Surge valve with dust cover, Wide Slide Top Opening for Quick and Easy Filling, Hydra fusion tube compatible with in-line water filtration options, Push-button tube removal system.

The greater part of the Tenzing elite hunting packs are furnished with a water compartment for carrying 2-or 3 litre repositories. It therefore only makes sense that Tenzing introduces its Hydro package with spill-proof packaging, practically repairs-free. Wide Pac closure mechanism delivers swift, simple refills. Liner self-cleaning discourages the buildup of bio-films. Antimicrobial engineering protects freshwater. Taste free pocket liner for natural taste. Modern materials are practically repairs-free, only clean, fill and use it to maintain hydration over and over again. It also features a dust-covered surge valve, a broad sliding top opening for simple and quick filling, a hydra fusion pipe, and plug-n-play integration with in-line water purification. A non-fabric TPU weldment surrounds the Hydra fusion pipe to safeguard against hitches and rips. The 45-degree Surge bite valve provides a high-pressure rate with bend lock-off and safety encompass for dirt. Slider Broad open top of the slide for quick and simple fill. Aimed at keeping you hydrated with fresh, safe water no matter how hard your hiking or search may get. Moisturize, refresh, repeat as necessary.

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