Tipton Best Gun Vise for Cleaning-Gunsmithing-Maintenance

Weight 8.25 lbs
Dimensions 33.00 × 8.50 × 6.75 in





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When you need a firearm holding system that is incredibly adaptable, the Tipton Best Gun Vise is for you. All three of the supports of this vise are able to be adjusted for position onto the base by using the T-track. The vise offers a great vertical adjustment. The base of the rear clamp comes featured with two clamp blocks that are vertically independent and very adjustable. Each of them has a jaw that is padded and can be moved at different point away from the centerline. Because of this great flexibility, the rear clamp blocks are able to take in just about any configuration of stock, cast-off, or cheek piece of varying styles and sizes. The rear clamps are used first by maneuvering your firearm into the vise and then adjusting the forend support to reach whichever barrel angle you desire. When you place the cam lever into the disengaged position, proceed to rotate the outer clamp block assembly’s knobs until the clamp pods have made positive contact with the stock. The stock will be secured by engaging the cam levers. Disengaging the levers, adjusting the knobs, and then engaging again the levers will regulate the force of your clamp. This vise was designed to be used with a huge number of different guns for the purpose of cleaning, gunsmithing, or maintenance. It is easy to configure and will handle break-open shotguns, bolt-action rifles, AR-15s, and handguns. The central channel is built from aluminum to allow the user to move single components into the best possible position for their weapon. Every component can then be adjusted to its own desired position for the best support. There are two offset clamps on the rear base that are adjustable on a huge range of different buttstocks. The vise itself is very stiff and crafted from materials that are resistant to solvents. This vise will last a lifetime with the proper care.

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