TRC Recreation Orange Breeze Kids Super Soft USCG Vest Medium Size

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 15.90 × 14.60 × 8.60 in

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Product Description

TRC entertainment excessively delicate Child’s Vest is an appropriate delicate Coast Guard-affirmed vest. This vest can be worn so as to spare an actual existence. when kids can utilize a Super Soft vest they won’t need anything what’s more which is accessible in different sizes, when the correct size is wore for a youngster its fits right, delicate, agreeable it permits children to play enough as wanted in water, the nearness of Anto Matic slotback, customizable and snappy snap clasps are all on the vests, this specific model is in M orange breeze is energetically prescribed for 6-12 years Oldfield including flexible leg tie for included wellbeing, which is solid for all water and drifting beers.US Coast Guard endorsed and made of shut cell froth that is vinyl-covered for durable enjoyment. The vest is lightweight and intended to remain dry and water-safe and simple to clean. The vinyl covering enables the life to vest dry rapidly, this material is rich, adaptable and delicate to the touch. Vinyl, then again, is an engineered substance made out of sap or plastic. The material is flexible and utilized in an assortment of habits, manufactured calfskin choices style, Igniting the time of dependable gravitation, gives zero-emanation, haptics, truly maintainable, exceptionally solid, it’s as yet extreme and waterproof.

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