Trimax TCL65 Deluxe Universal Wheel Chock Lock with Yellow Red Colour

Weight 6.42 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 11.75 × 4.35 in






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Product Description
This wheel chock lock will assist you in maintaining full maximum security which keeps your cars and various vehicle safe with takes just a few seconds to lock up for easy and vehicle safety its also encompassed with a high-quality pick-resistant locking mechanism which only its owner has title to for safety from theft various occurrence of car highjack and theft but with the help of the deluxe universal wheel chock lock with also doesn’t affect wheels and keeps it intact as left unattended, Made of heavy-gauge powder-coated steel, with an inbuilt chock prevents trailers from rolling away, clamps tight to wheel for added security locks that should keep out snow and rain, with the presence of three keys for opening and lock, It’s very possible to grab the wheel lock around the central body which is ideal for all vehicles chock works to completely immobilize a wheel from moving or turning, heavy-gauge, rugged powder-coated steel and it is picked- resistance, the locks are made with durable materials with self-locking mechanism and a laser-encrypted key for additional security.

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