Tundra Take Down Camp Stove


    Our Tundra Take Down Stove is designed to be taken down for ease of storing and packing.

      What's Included with each package screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-5-00-54-pm

      Tapered stovepipe set that fits inside each other when stored.

      Our in-line dampers are a great way to help maintain your fire and help it last longer. The damper is in a sleeve of stovepipe.

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      Provides a screen to prevent your tent from damage of hot embers. Also has a shield to protect from rain, wind and snow going in stovepipe.

      20 gauge stainless steel water tank holds 2 gallons of water and fits on the side of your stove.

      The table can be used on either side of the stove, also fits over the water tank. Increase your work space and keep items warm.

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