Umarex Colt Defender 1911 .177 BB CO2 Air Gun Pistol 440 Feet Per Second- 16 Rounds

Weight 1.81 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 3.50 × 7.60 in
Barrel Length














Air, Pistol



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This Colt Defender .177 cal. BB air gun has a construction that is all metal. Coming with this airgun is a 16-shot magazine for BBs that is built into the non-lethal weapon. The grip release is spring powered and inside the grip is a compartment for a single CO2. That makes this airgun super simple to use. However, the CO2 is not included with the airgun. The front sight blade is fixed to make aiming realistic very easy. It has a weight of 1.6 pounds. The 12-gram CO2 capsule will work through an entire 150 steel BBs before it needs to be rejoiced. This will give you a lot of action before you need to get a new CO2 canister. If you shoot slower and with steady aim, you will maximize how much you can use your CO2. There is a puncture screw that is a flip-down style knob, meaning there are no additional tools that are needed to puncture your CO2 cartridge. There is also a manual system. This airgun has a 4.3 inch barrel that is smooth. The Colt Defender’s trigger is long and heavy and has a crisp break and a smooth travel, both of these predictably consistent to give you the highest shooting performance. This airgun comes at nearly the exact same weight and size as the original Smith & Wesson Shield, which makes it perfect for beginner shooters who need to practice with a non-lethal weapon. The magazine will hold 16 rounds and is simple to load, especially if you are going to use the Umarex speed loader for steel BBs. The Defender fires at an amazing 440 feet per second. You can shoot this airgun just as fast as you can reload it.

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