Umarex Steel Storm Tactical .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol 430FPS-300 Rounds-30-Round Mag

Weight 3.56 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 × 11.25 × 2.50 in
Barrel Length














Air, Pistol



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Umarex designed the Steel Storm Tactical Air Pistol to give a wide range of differently aged shooters fun and exciting experiences at home in their backyards. Umarex is extremely proud of the high quality and durable craftsmanship that went into building this air pistol. It looks real, feels real, and performs just as well as a factory machined pistol. The Steel Storm is one incredible airgun that will be fun for everyone. It comes included with a single-shot mode and a 6-shot fully automatic burst mode. You can shoot this pistol any way you want. There is a very handy lever located on the back of the gun that lets you switch between these two modes with one easy click. The Steel Storm Air Pistol is powered by a pair of CO2 cartridges that are 12 grams each and stored inside the air pistol’s grip. If you want to release the cartridges, just push the button that is safely behind the trigger guard. This will release the trigger partially. If you press the secondary release that is located on the rear of the grip, you will completely release both the cartridges. At the bottom of the holder for the cartridges there is a small key stored. The key is used to tighten-up the new CO2 cartridges into the correct position and remove the old, already used cartridges. Each newly loaded cartridge set with last roughly 300 shots. The reservoir on the Steel Storm can hold around 300 rounds. The magazine is built-in to handle 30 rounds. All you need to do to load your awesome Steel Storm Air Pistol is funnel the BBs right into the reservoir and then push the spring for the magazine forward and shake the pistol gently to fill the mag, then you can release the spring and your air pistol is loaded and ready to fire. The Steel Storm offers an impressive amount of accuracy for an air pistol. There is a picatinny rail on the bottom and on the top that can be used for mounting optics and other systems. This is the pistol your need if you want to have some carefree shooting fun with BBs.

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