Volvik Assorted Color Vivid Lite Golf Balls (Dozen)

Weight 1.46 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.50 × 1.75 in






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Swing speed: 70-90 mph
The Vivid Golf Balls from Volvik are golf balls familiar with many golfers and this can be seen in the sale records of the company. It utilizes a design that makes it compliment the golfer’s ability giving rise to more accuracy and ease of playing the ball. The Life assorted golfs come in three pieces, with low compression with a large core that facilitates a longer distance with a single shot. It also come s in a style that involves a matte finish, this style increases the visibility of the ball and the travel pattern without compromising the performance of the ball. The Volvik Vivid Lite Assorted Color golf balls are ideal for users that have low swing speed and can be combined with light golfing stick to improve its use, it was made to produce less driver spin, higher and a mid-to-high ball flight. The balls are easy to spot, clean and maintained. They come in a dozen and in many colors such as red, green, lemon green, yellow, blue, etc. The golf balls can retain their conditions and performance when they fall into water due to the casing that it features that prevent the water from seeping and destroying them.

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