Weatherby 7MM Weatherby Spire Point 175 Grain Ammunition 3,070 FPS 20 Round

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Dimensions 6.00 × 4.00 × 1.25 in



7MM, Magnum, Weatherby




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Weatherby has been a reliable name in ammunition ever since the 1940s. Weatherby threw the industry into revolution with his incredibly fast and powerful loads that were also deadly accurate. Nothing on Earth will shoot flatter, hit with more impact, or be more strictly accurate than Weatherby’s ammo. The 7MM ammunition in this box delivers massive energy impact and a full-out momentum that gives huge stopping power and deep penetration. These can be used with a 7MM Weatherby Magnum. They shoot at a whopping 3,070 feet per second and have 175 grain spire points with Hornady interlock. There are 20 rounds in each box. The addition of the Hornady interlock gives an incredibly good ballistic coefficient with top bearing surface. Huge stability and power in every bullet.

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