Wheeler Handle Driver Set 30 Piece SAE Metric Hex Torx P-

Weight 7.32 lbs
Dimensions 15.50 × 8.75 × 6.75 in






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Product description
The Wheeler 30 Piece SAE hex /Torx P-Handle / Metric Hex Driver Set is an eminent one that has been designed in such a way that a moulded stand can sit on a bench. It is very versatile as it also has holes for mounting and these holes can be used to hang it to the wall hence conserving bench space and allowing easy and quick access to the drivers. The set comes with three different types of screwdrivers namely: SAE hex, metric hex and the Torx p-handle.
The screwdriver set is composed of 10 bits of each of these different types respectively.
The metric bits comprised in the set are standard-1.5mm, ball-2mm, ball-2.5mm, ball-3mm, ball-4mm, ball-5mm, ball-6mm, ball-7mm, ball-8mm, ball-10m while the SAE bits that can be found in the set are: standard-3/32in, standard-7/64in, ball-1/8in, ball-9/64in, ball-5/32in, ball-3/16in, ball-7/32in, ball-1/4in, ball-5/16in ball-3/8 in and the Torx bits which the set includes are: T40, T30, T25, T20, T15, T10, T9, T8, T7. The bits in this screwdriver set have been meticulously selected. They are in different sizes making it very versatile and suitable for different screws of choice. Also, they are made from high-grade steel which makes them very durable.

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