punch set master roll pin wheeler stainless steel

Weight 2.54 lbs
Dimensions 8.50 × 6.00 × 2.00 in






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Product Details
Made of: Steel
Weighs: 2.5 pounds
Feature: Engineered with solidified from steel to forestall bowing or bending while ensuring that roll pins are driven. Planned with a ball profile tip to give an appropriate arrangement of the roll pin and forestall harm to the gun or roll pin.

This product contains various components in one detailed pack with a precise machining hammer. All the parts are arranged in a plastic casing with slots to keep each device secure. This Product Set is Engineered and reinforced from steel to avoid twisting or cracking when moving the pins. Created with a ball model tip to ensure the roll pin is properly aligned and to reduce destruction to the weapon or roll pin. They come in a nine-piece set that contains pins with varying inch sizes. Keeps the Punch from moving off the pin with gripping handles. The RPS Set is stainless steel engineered and toughened to discourage twisting or breaking when roll pins begin. Configured to adequately associate and begin the roll pin with a counterbored tip, minimizing destruction to the weapon. it has gripping handles. The Small Hammer (six-ounce) is intended for accurate regulation and smaller roll pins. The Hammer has steel hands for metal punches and layers, and a brass head to avoid tarnishing.

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