Winchester 38 Special 130 Grain JHP Ammunition 20 Round Box

Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2.50 × 2.00 in

Ammunition, Winchester


38, Special




Defender, PDX1


Hollow, Jacketed, Point



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The JHP ammunition for the 38 Special
from Winchester is engineered specially to maximize the ultimate ballistics of
the bullet itself. This translates to an ammunition that impacts the target
with devastating power, making this bullet ideal for defending yourself, your
home, and your family. Winchester has used a very unique bonding process to
firmly weld the jack directly to the strong lead core. This means perfect
penetration. You are going to get a massive expansion of at least 1.5x, and the
performance is excellent and reliable when you need the ammunition in your gun
to work the best. Each round is fitted with the powerful bonded jacket hollow
point bullets. There are exactly 20 rounds in each box.

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