Winchester Blind Side 12-Gauge 3.5 #2 Hex Steel Shot 25 Round Box

Weight 3.50 lbs
Dimensions 4.20 × 3.20 × 4.25 in

Ammunition, Winchester


12, 3.5, Gauge




Blind, Side


Hex, Shot



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The Blind Side ammunition from Winchester combines an amazing hex steel
shot tech that is ground-breaking with the amazing diamond cut wad to create
the absolute deadliest waterfowl load for the Winchester that has ever been
created. Each shot is loaded with a super powerful hex shot to give you a
massive zone of impact with pellets that are more destructive than ever before.
This is some seriously intense ammo that will kick down any situation with
force. There are 25 rounds in each box of ammo with 3.5” #2 hex steel shot.
This stuff is for the 12-gauge weapon. They fire at a velocity of 1,400 FPS.

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