Zebrobravo Reversible Hand Stop M-Lok

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 5.50 × 3.25 × 1.00 in









(Reversible, Hand, RHS, Stop)


Hand, Stop



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he Reversible Hand Stop from Zebrobravo is another one of their seriously
high-quality parts. As you know, this manufacturer is always making the toughest
and most dependable accessories for a huge array of different weapons systems.
This reversible hand stop is another lesson in Zebrobravo’s excellent innovation
and attention to detail, crafting the best possible upgrade for your weapon.
This hand stop is very handy whether you are using your gun for personal
defense, for shooting competitions, or even just for sport. Each of the hand
stops is designed to exceed the public’s expectations of what is possible,
upgrading weapons with ease.

What this great hand stop allows you to do is to mount any possible hand
stop onto your weapon in a whole variety of different locations. This lets you
change the format of your weapon based on your current mission needs. You are
able to mount the hand stop in a forward position, in the rear position, or
even in the side position. You can use this device as a hand stop or you can use
it as a point of index literally anywhere you want on your rail. It is crafted
using the strongest and most durable 6061 aluminum, which happens to be
aircraft grade and very long-lasting. Because of the finish, which is type 3
black anodize, you are going to avoid a lot of problems with corrosion and
wear. The hand stop is exactly 1.1 inches high with a width of 0.76 inches and
a length of 1.5 inches. The total weight is .7 ounces. It is made here in the
USA, ensuring the product is assembled by professionals who care about you.

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