ZEV V2 Pro Compensator x 28 9MM Black

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Dimensions 6.50 × 3.50 × 1.50 in

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Another of ZEV Technologies’ impressive products, the Pro Compensator is one of the best compensators on the market today. The entire setup was designed to make you a better shooter with your Glock. It is created to enhance your Glock pistol’s performance by drastically reducing the rise of the muzzle and the amount of recoil you feel. This means a smoother shot with less wobble. Since this is the V2 model of the Pro Compensator, it has improved a lot of areas of the first Pro Compensator design. For example, there is now expertly contoured porting, a guide rod channel that has been significantly enlarged, and a mounting system that is brand-new and gives the securest installation imaginable for any compensator without the operator needing to use a compound for thread locking. It is also easy to remove. ZEV Technologies’ V2 Pro Compensator was also manufactured to be the ultimate device used on the G19 firearm. However, it will fit with all 9MM Glock models and function well, assuming they have matching threaded barrels that will be compatible. This device has a seriously compact size. That means when it is installed onto a G19 that has the ZEV threaded barrel, it will be the exact same length overall as a G34 and therefore compatible to use most of the G34 weapon holsters. The V2 Pro Compensator will function extremely well with all standard 9mm power ammo and recoil assemblies that come from the factory. However, the V2’s best performance will be displayed by matching your particular pistol’s spring weight and ammunition.

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