Zippo Brushed Chrome Lighter with Timberwolves emblem

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Dimensions 3.25 × 2.25 × 0.75 in






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Product details
A brushed chrome finish
Flint and windproof lighter
Signature Zippo click
Made in the USA
Zippo lifetime guarantee

This Brushed Chrome windproof lighter has a seal joined showing a posing Wolf. Comes bundled in a gift box. For ideal execution, load up with Zippo lighter liquid. With its all-metal construction, it can be easily cleaned and greased to avoid rusting and spoilage. It is sturdy and extremely durable which allows you usage for quite a long period of time. The windproof design increases its durability, the Flint’s are refillable and they are definitely built for use over a lifetime. Liquid filled lighters utilize a fuel which doesn’t scatter or dissipate inside the nearness of high breezes. This guarantees the wick stays splashed with fuel and fit the light in any event, when it very well may be wet or truly windy. The great execution of these lighters is winning a high reputation all around the globe. These lighters highlight a high-pressure fire which can be coordinated to any edge, even topsy turvy. This fire is likewise especially impervious to being extinguished or to getting blown around from the breeze. It is artistically designed to fit any of your choices and those of your loved ones.

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