Best Canvas Wall Tents for Sale – High Quality at Low Prices

People who hunt or camp out of tents are a rugged and durable breed. They need canvas tents that are just as hard-wearing as them. Outfitter Warehouse proudly offers a variety of canvas wall tents. Made with quality materials and unsurpassed workmanship, our tents are your best choice.


Advise When Buying A Canvas Wall Tent

Purchasing a fly (an added layer of protection) with your tent brings essential benefits and is highly recommended. Exposed to moisture, a canvas wall tent sometimes wicks or leaks when touched. A fly provides the protection to keep this from happening. Additionally, it protects against sparks from your stove or fire as well as the deteriorating effects of UV rays. A fly also shields your tent from pitch and sap. Finally, and not always considered, a fly creates air space above your tent’s roof, creating an insulating effect that keeps you warmer!
A tent without ventilation can be miserable during hot summer months. Outfitter Warehouse recommends purchasing a canvas wall tent with a back door or window, which provides cooling cross ventilation.
Having difficulty deciding between two different sizes of tent? We recommend going with the larger of the two. People are often disappointed when their tent purchase turns out to be too small for their needs. Going with that next size up provides added room for luggage, storage, or the luxury of a sleeping cot.
Adding options to a tent is much easier during the initial purchase. Spend some time considering the features that you want, and make your order accordingly. Adding options later can be much more difficult after you have received your tent. Talk to others. Find out what they value about their tents. Use what you learn to purchase the perfect tent for you.
Your tent door will either zip or tie closed. Zippered doors are more effective in cold conditions because they don’t allow air into the tent. Something to consider!
Canvas wall tents are not always made to the exact size that was specified during ordering. Rolls of canvas can differ by three or four inches, which affects the dimensions of the finished tent. Often a tent’s finished size is smaller than the listed size. Be aware, Outfitter Warehouse tents are NOT listed in finish size, although Montana Canvas tents are within one inch of advertised size, making them a good choice for those wanting nearly exact specifications.
Finish size variation can also affect the height of a canvas wall tent’s walls. Sometimes a wall with a listed height of five feet might run four feet, seven inches after cutting. Keep this in mind when ordering your tent.

Best Canvas Tents for Sale

Camping can be a very enjoyable experience if the weather is right and you’re in good company. But, if the weather decides to turn for the worse, and you don’t have the proper equipment that would save you from the cold, harsh wind, snow, rain or any other misfortune that Mother Nature can throw at you, you’re going to have a very, very bad time. If you don’t have proper shelter when the weather hits you hard, your camping will not only be ruined, but you expose yourself to various risks.

What kind of shelter are we talking about? Well, certainly, a cave is an option, but we like something more sophisticated – something like a tent. For purposes of hunting, canoe camping, just plain old camping, mountaineering and other outdoor activities that require you to spend a few nights in the wild, a tent is an absolute must, and probably something like a wall (cabin) tent too.

So, if you’ve come in search of one such tent, we’ve got five great ones right here. And in case you’re new to all of this, we’ve prepared a guide for you just below the product reviews.

Tent Reviews

Montana Traditional 10oz Canvas Wall Tent – Best Tent for Packing on Horseback

Our first three products come from one of the most respected manufacturers in the tent-making industry. Montana Canvases is a very prolific and highly respected manufacturer, and their Montana Traditional 10oz tent is one of the best products you can find on the market. Its construction is superb, allowing for excellent protection against the elements, and is intended for longer camping. It is also light, due to its 10oz canvas, which ensures adequate protection while not being overly hindering. In fact, this tent is best suited for packing on horseback, as it might be too big and heavy to carry by hand, but still light enough for a horse to carry, if you intend to camp in areas that aren’t accessible to vehicles.

So, starting again from the canvas, let’s see what kind of tent Montana Traditional really is. Like we said, this is a 10oz canvas, which is light, durable and offers good protection. But, what we didn’t say is that this is cotton duck treated canvas. Duck treated canvases are among the best canvases – they’re sometimes called Army duck canvases because they meet the durability and protection requirements of the US military. With that being said, this Montana canvas tent will certainly not fail you once the biting wind starts blowing, or heavy rain starts pummeling the ground. We should also note that the canvas has been treated with mildew retardants, so you won’t have a problem with it if you don’t air the tent out immediately (which should infallibly be done once you’ve come back from camping).

This tent is intended for people who intend to spend more time in it. For that reason, Montana has installed a stove jack in it. The stove jack has a weather flap and a 5’’ oval that allows a pipe of the same kind to be run through it. The jack is highly resistant to heat, and the canvas itself is fire resistant, so you don’t have to worry about burning the whole thing down when you cook. Montana Traditional also features a window, in case you want to let the smell of cooking out.

The reason behind the tent’s incredible durability is, firstly, the six layers of canvas, together with lock stitched seams on end walls. Such strong stitching increases the tensile strength of the materials, especially on points that become extremely stressed when high-velocity winds are blowing. The front door features heavy-duty YKK zippers, so you know they won’t buckle under pressure, nor will they rust due to constant exposure to rain and snow. The tent also features a sod cloth to proof it against the weather and bugs. The sod cloth extends a good 12 inches beneath the tent making sure nothing comes in, and that the heat stays inside. The tent also features premium quality storm flaps and a ridge pole reinforcement that runs throughout the entire body, making sure that the product can endure long years of service.

Overall, Montana Traditional 10oz Wall Tent is an excellent product that will make sure you’re protected out there in the wild. It is made of the best possible materials, and extremely durable – it is, in fact, the thing you need. The tent is not the smallest and if you find a way to transport it, it just might save your hide in a pinch. The tent can be bought in several sizes, and the price will be affected by the size, of course, so choose wisely. Ultimately, if you’ve got the funds, Montana is the shop to visit.

Montana Premium 12oz Canvas Wall Tent – Best Heavy Duty Tent

Our second best canvas tents for sale also comes from Montana. This time, the item in question is the Montana Premium 12oz Canvas Wall Tent. This is a true juggernaut among our products, able to withstand an incredible amount of punishment. The product is heavy, though, due to the thickness of the canvas, and you’ll definitely want to put this one in your car instead tugging it along. The 12oz canvas adds considerable weight but adds a considerable amount of protection against the elements. Heavier canvas will not only keep the heat in more efficiently but also have greater tensile strength, ensuring that it will not rip, especially when the harsh wind is blowing. With this, Montana Premium Wall Tent is an outstanding companion for mountaineering and a perfect piece of equipment to have at base camp.

Just like the Montana Traditional, Montana Premium has the same cotton duck treated canvas. Like we said before, duct treated canvases are incredibly sturdy, and incredibly resistant to all forms of damage, making them excellent for wall tents, which are, after all, intended as a longer-lasting shelter, the kind you want to spend more than a couple of days in. This makes them heavier, though, as we said, and the added thickness makes this particular tent quite hefty indeed. Montana also sees to it that the canvas is easy to maintain too, which is the reason they cover it with mildew inhibitors. Like this, you won’t have to worry if the return trip is long or not, and you can count on the inhibitors to keep the tent clean of mildew until you come home and air it out.

Naturally, if you want to stay in the wilds for a longer time, you will want to prepare some food too on the site. You can light a bonfire, of course, but if the elements prevent it, you will want a stove jack in your tent. Luckily, Montana fits all of their tents with stove jacks, so Premium has got one as well. As before, the jack is heat resistant, and the whole canvas is fire resistant too. The jack has a weather flap, as on the previous model, and a 5-inch oval that is fitting for the stove of the same kind. The tent features a screened window, just like the one on the Traditional.

This tent’s durability is owing to the heavy duty canvas, but also heavy duty stitching. The canvas will hardly rip on its own when faced with high-velocity winds, but the seams are a different story. That’s why the six layers of canvas are double-stitched, to ensure absolute safety of the persons inside from the elements, and prevent ripping. The tent is also being reinforced with a ridge pole, the eves are reinforced by double-layer doubly-stitched canvas and the door features a #5 YKK zipper. The YKK zippers are extremely durable, easy to handle, do not get stuck, and do not rust because they aren’t made of metal. The product features heavy-duty grommets so you can really anchor the poles that hold the whole construction on the ground, and allow you to drive the stakes from the inside as well as outside. You will also get the 12-inch sod cloth that makes the tent weather-tight and bug-tight as well. The No See Um mesh on the window will stop even the smallest bugs from entering.

To conclude, this is one heck of a tent. Its durability is astounding, as well as the level of protection and comfort that it has to offer. The tent’s duck treated canvas keeps the cold out, and traps the heat in, and is virtually impossible to rip. The double-stitched seams are just as strong, and the whole thing is made complete with the sod cloth and a stove jack. Good stuff!

Montana Blend Wall Tent – Best Lightweight Cabin Tent

Our last Montana entry is the Montana Blend Wall Tent. This product is similar in many aspects to the ones before it, especially to Montana Traditional. Montana Blend features a 10oz canvas, which makes it lighter than the Premium. As such, it is much more mobile, almost mobile enough to be carried by hand. The only product that might be lighter than this one is the Mountain Spike tent, but we’ll talk about that one soon enough. As for Blend, it truly is a blend of top notch protection and astounding durability.

The canvas underwent the same duck treatment found in Traditional and Premium, to ensure it doesn’t get soaked to the point of leaking, but keeps the heat inside so that you’re nice and warm when the colder weather hits. However, with people inside breathing and sweating, the moisture will form on the inside of the tent, and, once the tent is packed, the newly-formed moist and warm environment will become a perfect habitat for bacteria and mildew. Mildew spreads rapidly, and, if you’ve taken a cross country trip, by the time you get back, it will have already invaded the tent. Any camper knows that a tent should be aired out once you’ve done using it, but, in the case described above, you might not be able to. That is why Montana Blend has its canvas coated in mildew retardants that should, at least, greatly impede the forming and spreading of mildew.

But the mildew is less of a concern when the tent is in use. A much bigger concern, at that point, are the elements that will be bombarding your tent. The wind is especially dangerous, as it can rip the fabric and blow your tent away completely. Luckily, Montana Blend is made of double layer of canvas that is also doubly-stitched, making it unbelievably strong and resilient. The same thing is done with the seams, because they are strained the most when a strong wind is blowing, and, if the tent rips, this is where it’s most likely to rip. The tent also features a reinforcement in the form of ridge pole (full length) which enables the use of a wood frame.

Other features that are included are the stove jack, the YYK zippers, a window, and sod cloth. Stove jack is a common addition to Montana tents, as most of them are intended for prolonged use. That being said, you will certainly bring a stove with you, and the tent provides the opportunity to use it. The stove jack is incredibly heat resistant, and so is the canvas, for it would be very unfortunate if the tent should catch on fire. Again, there is a 5-inch oval opening for a 5-inch round tube. If you want to let out the smell of cooking in order not to attract the critters, the back wall features a window on the back wall with a very tight mesh, so that bugs can’t crawl inside. The #5 YKK zippers serve to zip up a 7’6’’ entrance. They have amazing durability and very long service life, and, since they’re made of plastic, they won’t rust. Lastly, you have sod cloth that protrudes a full 12 inches underneath the tent flooring, making it completely weather- and critter-proof.

All in all, what you have before you is a very good lightweight cabin tent. It is the lightest tent of its kind on our list, making it perfect for those campers who like to travel with the lightest equipment available without sacrificing too much protection. After all, a lightweight tent is of no use to you if it can’t provide you with proper sheltering from the elements.

Reliable Tent and Tipi The Big Horn Wall Tent – Most Options for a Cabin Tent

Not all of the products on our list belong to Montana, and, while Montana makes the best tents, it is certainly the only manufacturer around. So, we suggest you take a look at this Reliable product (pun fully intended), The Big Horn wall tent. This tent is reminiscent of Montana Traditional, both in size, shape, and materials used. They both use a 10oz canvas, but the difference is that the Traditional (as do all Montana tents) uses a natural canvas, while The Big Horn’s canvas comes in two varieties – the 10.10oz Marine treated and the 10.10oz Marine and Flame treated canvas. The main difference between these two varieties is that the flame treated canvas meets the CPAI 84 flame resistance standards, while the Marine Treated does not. On the other hand, both are very breathable and both have a mildew repellent coating, and both are impervious to leakage (duck treatment).

Aside from that, the tent features a stove jack. Now, this is a great addition in and off itself, but, it might not be a good addition if you go with the Marine Treated canvas version. The reasons for this are obvious – the lack of flame resistance might cause an unwanted accident. If you’ve bought the Marine and Flame treated version, then you’ve no worries about the tent catching on fire. The tent is suited for either 5-inch or 6-inch stove pipes and features a pipe shield as well. It also comes with a window in the back wall, just like the one Montana tents have.

Lastly, there is the sod cloth. A must-have with all tents, this vinyl laminated nylon piece that goes underneath the flooring will make sure bugs don’t get into the tent, and keeps the cold out too. The tent also comes with #10 YKK zippers, which are even more heavy duty than the zippers Montana employs. The canvas is highly reinforced to ensure that the fabric doesn’t rip in the face of that overwhelming wind.

However, the most impressive thing about this tent is that it comes in many iterations with different pricing. You can choose sizes from 8×10 and 10.10oz with both canvas versions, all the way up to 10×12, 10.10 oz.

All in all, Reliable’s Big Horn is a superb product that comes in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to get a personalized tent. There are cheaper and pricier options, as well as lighter and heavier, depending on your personal preference and requirements.

Reliable Tent and Tipi The Mountain Spike Tent – Best Lightweight Option

Our last item The Mountain Spike Tent, which once again comes from the Reliable folksl. We mentioned it before, and we reiterate again – this is the lightest tent on our list. Anyone looking for a smaller and lighter tent to carry on their trips by hand, this is just the product for you. This product comes in two varieties, with 2-foot or 4-foot side wall. Here we see that The Mountain Spike is smaller than other entries on our list (they all have 5’ side walls), which further explains why it’s so light.

Another interesting thing about this product is the range of canvases for the roof and walls. While you can get the standards Marine treated and Flame resistant 10.10oz canvas, you can also buy this tent made with 12oz natural canvas. Of course, the natural canvas will be heavier than Marine, firstly, due to its nature and make, and, secondly, because of its thickness. In any case, the canvas will be duck treated, so you can be sure that it is water-phobic and will never leak.

Along with the canvas, this tent has a heavy-duty door, equipped with a #10 YKK zipper, and storm flaps. These added protective elements should make the tent an even more adequate of a shelter when the weather starts acting up. 12-inch steel hook stakes will make sure the tent stays put, and firmly anchored in the ground even during the severest of storms.

Lastly, we have to mention that this product does not have a stove jack. Owing to the nature of the tent, and its design, a stove jack is not an option with The Mountain Spike, so you’ll have to do without one.

All in all, if you like traveling light and you like an easy-to-set-up tent, then you should definitely consider The Mountain Spike. This product does everything to keep the comfort traded for light weight as subtle as possible, and you can rest assured that it will not betray you. You may find its size lacking, or the absence of a stove jack, but this is not a cabin tent in any case.

Things to Look Out For

All-season Tents

When it comes to versatility, there aren’t any better tents out there than all-season tents. They have a myriad of features that allow them to adapt to any situation and weather condition. They’ve detachable parts as well as attachable ones, and you can make them into pleasant shelters when it’s sunny, or you can button down the hatches if the need requires. With such a tent, there is nowhere you can’t go and be unprepared. That being said, there is a downside to such versatility – weight. When fully loaded, these tents are exceedingly heavy, heavier even than mountaineering tents (the weight of these tents stems from the thick material).

Mountaineering/Winter Tents

Mountaineering tents could easily be considered the juggernauts of tents. They’re the heaviest duty products around. Owing to their intended use, these products are made of nothing but the most resilient materials around. This means sturdy, steel poles and frames, thick fabric to keep the heat in and keep the snow out, storm flaps, strong, doubly-stitched seams and other necessities that enable them to withstand an incredible amount of punishment. They’re usually dome-like in design, as this gives them a bit of an aerodynamic shape, and allows the wind to simply slide over them. Just like all-season tents, they’re too very heavy, due to the weight of the heavy-duty materials.

Single-wall Tents

On the opposite side of the spectrum from mountaineering tents and all-season tents, there are single-wall tents. These ones are, as the name says, made of a single wall and tarp. They’re the lightest tents available, and take the least amount of room. They can be carried by hand, and are intended for those who don’t mind sacrificing comfort and protection for portability. That being said, they are intended for long trips as a means that enable a person to spend a night in the open. They’re made to be set up around branches and trees, and they require considerable knot-tying skills to set up properly (think Bear Grills).

Tent Size

The second thing we’ll teach you is how to pick a properly-sized tent for you. Now, I know what you’re thinking, there are indications to how many people can a single tent hold. However, this might not be as simple as you think it is. Actually, the correct formula would be x=n-2, where “n” is the number of people the tent has been rated to.

What does it mean in practice? It means that if the tent is rated for accommodating 2 people, it will be best for a single person. Yes, you may fit two people in it, but, if you calculate in the equipment a person is carrying, you may find that a tent for two is a little cramped for two persons. You will probably want to have some elbow room too, so you would feel more comfortable in it. The same applies to larger tents, where a 4-peson tent is better for two people, and a 6-person tent is perfectly suitable for 4 people and their equipment.

But our preaching about tent size doesn’t end there. Of course, in a tent, you might want to stand up too. This is important because, if the tent should be occupied for several days, it will become incredibly uncomfortable for the people living in it if they can’t stand up. A tent with steeper walls should provide more headroom, and it will shed snow more easily. The Mountain Spike is one such tent, but the others have steep roofs along with their 5’ side walls.

Lastly, there are multi-room tents to consider. These tents have two, sometimes three rooms. The additional rooms allow you to have a little privacy, if the tent is big, and you have more people in it. Also, a third room is useful when you’re coming from the outside, and you need to change your wet clothes. This third room is usually separated from the rest of the tent by a screen, and there are tents that have a large room separated by a screen from a smaller room that is often used as a disposal area for equipment.


As for the materials for the canvas, there are three types commonly used – nylon, polyester, and cotton. Nylon and polyester are very light and very breathable materials, but ones that provide a good amount of protection as well. The main difference between the two is that nylon is made for less expensive tents. Polyester is slightly more expensive because it blocks ultraviolet light, which makes it a number one choice for longer trips and prolonged living in the tent.

As for cotton, it is much heavier than both polyester and nylon. However, this is the best material used for heaviest-duty tents. The cotton has a very tight weave, and retains a lot of heat, making it an excellent choice for winter tents (but not mountaineering). Cotton is also very strong and hard to rip. For example, a 12oz canvas has a breaking point of 389 pounds in the direction of the warp, and 241 pounds in the direction of the fill. Cotton also requires several treatments, like army duck, that make it fire resistant and water repellant.

Another thing that should also be considered are the seams. The strength of the canvas means nothing if the seams are weak, as they are most likely to break due to strain. That’s why you should always look for tents with doubly-stitched seams – they’re much stronger, and won’t leak either.

Some more tips…

We already stressed that buying a tent is a very important decision. This is supposed to be your shelter out there in the field, and you should be able to live in it for several days. Picking a tent isn’t easy, so, aside from the three main points we’ve made about buying a tent, here are some other minor tips and things to look out for.

Aluminum Poles

There are plenty of tents that come with fiberglass poles. Fiberglass is light, but it is also very, very fragile. If you really want a sturdy frame to support your tent, you’ll need aluminum poles. They’re a little heavier, but much sturdier as well. They have that intrinsic flexibility all metals have. This flexibility won’t let the poles break when very violent gusts are hitting your tent.


If you want to keep yourself and the inside of your tent dry, you need a proper rainfly. Rainflies are supposed to run all across the tent and not just on the roof. Rainflies are waterproof.

Folded Seams and Double Stitching

We said it already, but we’ll say it again – look for tents with folded and doubly-stitched seams. The main reason for this is strength and waterproofness. If you can see through the seam, it will start to leak. When looking at the seam, make sure that the seam is completely wrapped in material, and that not even light goes through it. Along with a rainfly, this will provide the most protection against rain. Aside from that, a doubly-stitched seam will prevent the tent from being ripped apart by violent winds.

Have a Sod Cloth

Sod cloth is stitched into the flooring of the tent. Its main job is to keep the critters out and keeps the entire thing weather-tight. Since you’re sleeping on the ground, it is very important you aren’t cold, or you will get sick. This might not be a problem on shorter trips, but cold seeping in through the floor while you’re 17.000 ft above sea level in a base camp on Mount Everest, it’s going to bother you quite a bit.

The Stove Jack

If you’re planning on spending more time in the tent, you’ll want to do some cooking. For that, you’ll need a stove, and for that, you’ll need a stove jack. Stove jacks are pretty common with cabin tents. However, be sure that the canvas is fire-resistant if you want to use a stove. Otherwise, you might burn pin holes in the canvas, compromising its integrity.

Heavy-Duty Zippers

Having heavy-duty zippers is a must if you spend a long time camping. The reason for this is that you’ll be entering and exiting your tent a lot, and, if your door fly doesn’t have an adequate zipper, it will break, and this could be a great problem. Not being able to close the door will mean that you can’t trap the heat in or keep the cold air from getting in. for this purpose, cabin tents use YKK zippers that are made of industrial-grade plastic that will not break, and, more importantly, won’t rust.

Roof Vent and Windows

Spending a lot of time inside an enclosed space intended to keep the heat in will mean it’s going to be hot, and you’re going to start sweating. With that being said, you will definitely want a way to vent the tent. For that purpose, tents are fitted with roof vents and windows. They will let the heat and the moist air from the sweat escape, and fresh air to come in. however, make sure that these two openings feature a No See Um mesh to stop the bugs and other small critters from getting in. I mean, the last thing you want to see when you wake up is a spider on your nose, right?


Finally, we reach the end of our article. Like we said, we’ve prepared five excellent tents for you, and a guide to help you make your choice. We also gave a designation to each of the tents, so you know what it’s best used for.

As you’ve seen, Montana tents are prevalent on our list. Indeed, Montana tents are built using the best of the best in terms of materials and techniques. Their canvases are extremely sturdy and offer an incredible amount of protection. Not only that, but they offer a great selection of sizes, so you can pick a tent that’s just right for you.

All in all, that’s it for us. We taught you about the tents and all the things you should look for in one, and gave you a great selection. Now, the ball is on your side of the court, and you’ll have to assess what you need the tent for. The choice is yours, and the only thing for us to say now is happy camping!

If you enjoyed this rundown of best canvas tents for sale, feel free to drop a like or a comment. After all, it is your feedback that fuels our passion for writing. Thanks for the attention, folks!

Set Up Advice

Of course, the right gear is essential for camping, but it’s not only about the gear. Once you get to your chosen site, make decisions that will enhance your camping experience. First, if there are trees above your site, check them for dead branches. You wouldn’t want high winds to knock a thick branch down onto your new tent – or worse yet, onto you! To keep water moving away from your canvas wall tent, choose the highest ground in the site. Before setting up your tent, check the area for branches or rocks, especially if you intend to sleep on the ground. Even if you’re sleeping in a cot, rough ground under foot can be uncomfortable and wear away at the floor of your tent. Taking these initial precautions can really ensure an enjoyable camping experience.

Wall Tent Stoves

An essential purchase, wood burning camp stoves have been keeping hunters and campers warm and dry for years. Whether called wall tent stoves, hunting stoves, barrel stoves or sheepherder stoves, these durable campsite accessories are useful for warmth, cooking food, boiling water and drying clothing or footwear. Treated properly, they will last an outdoor enthusiast for years!


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