10 Warmest Hunting Boots Reviewed – High Quality & Low Priced


When it comes to hunting, your choice of boots can make all the difference between a successful hunt and downright failure. With the wrong pair of boots on a cold weather hunting trip, well, you can expect nothing but blisters and wet frozen feet. If these unbearable conditions don’t cut short your hunting expedition, then they will certainly take the fun out of it and make your day cold and miserable. 

In short, whether you are thinking of trekking through thick woods or tramping up and down rugged mountainous terrain, your first mission should be getting the right hunting gear, and that include a good pair of warm boots that allow you to perform at your peak.

But what really makes a good pair of hunting boots? Well, that’s what you are about to find out in this comprehensive review.

After going through a wide range of options from different brands, we managed to come up with a list of the 10 warmest hunting boots you can find on the market. And to keep you well informed before you proceed to make any decision, below, we’ve ranked, reviewed and included the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

In addition, we’ve included a precise guide to some of the key features you need to keep an eye on when considering different options.

Indeed there is a wide variety of hunting boots out there, and it’s our hope that once you go through this comprehensive review, you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision and purchase the most suitable pair of boots for your next hunting escapade. With that in mind, let’s get started.


Our 10 Warmest Hunting Boots

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Taking the lead is the Bugaboot Plus III from Columbia, one of the top companies that offer durable and affordable winter boots. However, compared to all other Columbia’s winter boots, the Bugaboot Plus III stands out as the most popular and perhaps the warmest hunting boot you will find on the market.  Let’s have a closer look at some of its best features.

The first thing to like about the Bugaboot Plus III is its superior insulating ability. Like most of the other Columbia models, particularly the Plus III XTM, it employs the Omni-Heat insulating system. It has insulation that’s almost similar to Thinsulate, but what really sets it apart is its reflective thermal lining.

The boot repels outside moisture very well and keeps the feet ventilated. The insulation is 200 grams with the upper consisting of full grained leather that’s waterproof and fully breathable.

On the other end, the reflective lining keeps the feet warm. It’s a Columbia exclusive technology that reflects the heat generated by the body back to the foot. Therefore, in addition to being a warm boot, the heat that your feet generate is trapped inside of the boot rather than letting it escape.   

That’s what puts this Columbia Bugaboot Plus III at the top of our list. Its insulating ability simply makes it the best boot for cold weather hunting and winter use. They will keep your feet warm even below -20 degrees.

Traction is solid with these boots. While trekking through layers of snow, it’s a tall order to find a winter boot that provides good grip, but these ones have a very rugged sole with lug tread pattern that grips the ice firmly through the thin layer of snow. They will provide great traction in the snow.

The entire sole is rubber which is the material you would want if you are going hunting. It provides good traction as well as resistance to penetration by road debris or rocks. Therefore, you can expect no traction issues when hiking trails or negotiating around on slippery terrain.

At 2 pounds and a height of around 8 inches, they might seem heavy, but once you’ve laced them, they feel somehow lightweight.  Even with them being full boots, covering the ankle and coming up to about mid-calf, they aren’t restrictive. So, whether you are hitting the woods, climbing over fallen tree limbs, going uphill or venturing through the snow, they won’t slow you down.

Last but not the least, these Columbia boots are quite comfortable and hold the feet closely. The footbed consists of a removable EVA cushioning that provides good support while the mid-sole is made from Techlite for shock absorption and extra cushioning.

The only noted setback is that these boots can get too warm, especially if you wear thermal socks. They are designed to stand -25 degrees weather. Therefore, it’s possible that your feet might get wet due to sweat despite that they are somewhat breathable.

All in all, they are flexible boots, ideal for slush, mild snow and winter hunting. They will allow you to trek for miles in cold weather while keeping your lower legs and feet quite toasty.

The Good


  • Great boots for cold weather
  • Superior insulating ability
  • Waterproof and breathable upper
  • Solid traction
  • Somewhat lightweight
  • The best for winter use
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Quite comfortable
  • Nicely priced

The Bad


  • Might lead to sweaty feet in moderate temperatures


Final Thought

If you are thinking of wandering in the deep woods or through the snow on winter in pursuit of a deer or any other prey of your liking, then these are the boots you should take with you. They are excellent all-round boots with great insulating ability, very easy to move in and provide superb traction.

However, as much as they are the warmest hunting boots on our list, there are more of winter boots than snow boots. So, if it’s for winter use, then they are the ultimate choice, but if you are planning to venture into deep snow, then I suggest you get a separate snow gaiter and a quality winter sock so that you can optimize their insulating ability.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8” Hunting Boot

Not too heavy or too stiff yet designed to keep the feet warm in cold and wet weather conditions, these 8” Irish Setter men’s hunting boots take the second spot in our 10 warmest hunting boots list.

Their highlight feature as far as keeping the feet warm and dry is concerned is the UltraDry construction. It works well to keep the feet off moisture and sweat. It combines a breathable lining with a waterproof shell both which work to keep the feet dry.

The boots’ lining features moisture wicking nylon, a breathable fabric that prevents sweat and odor from accumulating inside while at the same time keeping the feet well ventilated and dry. On the other hand, the waterproof shell made of full-grain leather helps to keep outside moisture at bay. This means that wet feet won’t be a problem during your hunting even if you are venturing in the wettest conditions.

The Irish setter 2870 boots are not insulated, but they keep the feet dry and warm in cold weather conditions. The fairly thick lining on the inside provide enough warmth, so your feet will not get cold easily. Paired with good socks, they will be okay down to around 30 to 40 degrees but not in extremely cold conditions.

Another thing to like about these Irish boots is the fact that they strike a good balance between weight and strength. These are one of the lightest hunting boots you can find out there.  The composite material used to make them reduces their weight significantly without affecting their strength and durability.

What’s even better is that their light weight can boost your endurance. They are boots you can rely on when you want to cover much ground in a day or catch up with a prey that you accidentally spooked.

Another thumbs up for this pair of boots is their traction. They have great tread with real grip strength thanks to the tough and rugged design of the sole. The sole has angled lugs to prevent downhill slips. The mid-section of the sole features a rugged panel to provide a firm grip for tree stand steps while the lugs on the rear end of the sole afford good traction during heel strike.

You will have no issues with sliding your fit into these boots unless you have wider feet. The toe box is spacious such that you can wiggle your toes without feeling smooshed together. Generally, these Irish boots fit firmly but comfortably and provide good ankle support to prevent sprains and ankle roll-overs.

Despite being one of the warmest boots in this list due to their UltrDry construction and thick lining, I still wish they were more insulated for extreme cold weather hunting or snowy conditions.

The Good


  • Well built to take up cold conditions
  • Will keep your feet completely dry
  • Lightweight for maximum endurance
  • Sturdy with excellent traction
  • Somewhat durable
  • Comfortable with spacious toe box
  • Fits closely
  • Fairly priced

The Bad


  • Warm but not ideal for extreme cold conditions


Final Word

Regardless of how warm a pair of boots is, if your feet are wet, then they will definitely get cold. In other words, one of the most efficient ways of keeping the feet warm is keeping them dry, and the Red Wing Shoes (manufacturers of Irish Setter boots) seem to have taken this simple fact into consideration when they made this pair of Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek hunting boots.

If you are a fun of Irish Setter boots, then this is one of their best models, one that would not disappoint you out on the hunt.

KEEN Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boot


In the third position, we have the Durand Polar Hiking Boot from American shoe manufacturer Keen. Although it might look more like a regular boot than a hunting boot compared to the Irish Setter 2870 and the Bugaboot Plus III, the KEEN Durand is a tough hunting boot that’s capable of keeping your feet dry and warm in cold weather conditions.

Our first impression was the heavy-duty insulation. The boots feature 400grams of insulation which provides enough warmth to protect the feet from cold temperatures down to minus 15 degrees centigrade.

The thermal shield footbed inside the boots is another massive plus. It harnesses radiant heat pretty well and keeps the cold from penetrating into the bottom of the boot. In short, the insulated upper and the heat-shield in the footbed work hand in hand to ensure that the boot keeps the heat in and the cold out. 

Like I mentioned earlier, even if a boot is very warm and well insulated if it does not keep your feet dry then chances of ending up with frostbite after hours in extremely cold conditions are high. The Keen Durand like the Irish Setter 2870, seem to have taken this issue very seriously.

While the Irish setter utilizes an UltraDry construction with moisture wicking nylon to keep the feet dry, the Keen.Dry waterproof and breathable membrane is a serious contender. It works really well by allowing moisture inside the boot to move out while preventing water from getting in. It’s not 100% frostbite proof, but it will certainly keep your feet dry and nasty odor away.

You won’t go flying over onto your backside either when you walk on ice or slippery terrain. The boots have a grippy sole and offer great support. The outsole is made of rubber that’s rugged enough to afford a firm grip on snow or muddy surface. The polyurethane midsole and TPU shank provide support to your feet. Also, the boot has a high ankle which features a double-layer of suede to offer support to those with vulnerable ankles.

The Durand is amongst the lightest boots in our list, so if you are going for winter hiking either in deep snow or thick woods uphill, then they will take you a long way. They are comfortable with a fleece-lined upper that adds a touch of wooly softness to the interior and support cushion in the middle.

The last thing we liked about these Durand boots is that they are very versatile. They are tough and packed with all the features for heading out into the snow or thick woods, but at the same time, they have a smart and subtle design that can go very well with casual clothing. These are boots that you can wear around town without looking out of place. They also feel durable.

The only slight setback noted is that the boots fall on the small size side. So, to get the right fit, I would recommend getting a half size larger than your normal feet size.

Overall, because of their heavy-duty insulation and the waterproof protection, these Durand boots can be an ideal choice for deep snow and ice trekking even though they are winter boots.

The Good


  • Heavy-duty insulation
  • Will certainly keep your feet dry
  • Offer great support with a grippy sole
  • The lightest boots in our list
  • Comfortable to walk in
  • Very versatile
  • They look smart and feel durable

The Bad


  • They run small
  • They are one of the boots with a slightly high price tag


Final World

The Polar Durand is one of the boots that’s well insulated for trudging around in the snow. It’s also a boot you can rely on when heading up to the mountains to hunt or in search of a serious hike set up. They are light, comfortable and keep the feet warm and dry throughout.

So, if it’s a hunting/walking boot that can handle winter conditions including deep snow trekking you are looking for, then the Polar Durand is a boot worth considering.

Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot

Sorel Caribou is a legendary model with a heritage that dates back to 1962. It’s one of Sorel’s boot models that have received a lot of positive feedback from outdoor enthusiasts with many of them labeling it the “ultimate snow boot.” Well, after inspecting and subjecting the boots to several tests including an ice bucket test, we figured out that they were indeed up to the challenge.

First, the boots are quite efficient at keeping the feet warm and dry. They are only a tad warmer than the Durand Polar. Although we didn’t get a chance to test their full limit (-40 C), they still managed to provide plenty of warmth in -20 C wind chill conditions. They feature a 9mm ThermoPlus felt liner which is responsible for the warmth and keeping the feet insulated from the cold. With a -40 degrees temperature rating, these boots can be worn in numbing cold conditions all day long whether it’s slushy snow, treacherous ice or Artic cold.

When it comes to snow and water resistance, these are among the best performing boots on our list. They have the highest water tolerance. The seam-sealed construction and the foot shell are made of vulcanized rubber that’s waterproof with a Nubuck leather upper which is also treated to repel water penetration. 

Basically, the whole construction is almost waterproof and does a wonderful job of preventing water from leaking into the boots. After 8 minutes of trudging through 4 inches of icy water and slush, the boots were completely dry. Furthermore, their full height tongue with 9-inch stack height makes snow infiltration almost impossible. Venturing into deep puddles of slushy snow or deep mud with these boots won’t be an issue that I can guarantee.

Traction is not the strongest attribute of these boots, but I can safely say it’s good. The outsole has circularly shaped rubber treads that are spaced closely. The rubber lugs are somewhat sticky and provide adequate grip on wet terrain but might be a bit slippery on snow or ice surface.

The felt liner has soft cushioning, so the boots feel comfortable, the downside is that the cushioning does not allow for adequate structure and arch support. On top of this, the boots are quite large, which might be a problem for those with narrow feet. There is so much room inside that cause the feet to slop clumsily inside the boot. They are not the best fitting boots because even if you fasten the laces down tighter, they still don’t feel snug.

Another drawback with the Caribou is its weight.  Each boot weighs around 2.3 pounds making them one of heaviest boots on our list. If you plan to trek a lot, these are not the ideal companion.

The Good


  • Very warm
  • Totally waterproof
  • Comes with a removable and replaceable inside liner
  • High enough to prevent snow infiltration
  • Somewhat durable
  • The best for venturing into deep snow and muddy areas
  • Comes at a good price

The Bad


  • Very heavy
  • Large inside with sloppy fit


Final Word

Sorel Caribou is a real workhorse when it comes to keeping your feet warm in extremely cold conditions. They are the best boot to buy if you are a frequent winter snow hunter.  But keep in mind that you will have problems staying on your feet because the round shaped lugs of the outsole are not that grippy.

Irish Setter 4837 10” Men’s Deer Tracker Hunting Boot

There is no doubt that the Irish Setters are one of the most popular hunting boots among hunters which is why it’s no surprise that another pair of these amazing boots made it to our top 10 list.

In terms of design and features, the Irish Setter 4837 is a lot similar to the 2870 model with the only difference between the two being insulation.  If you are planning to go for deer or black bear hunting this winter, then the Irish 4837 should have a place in your hunting gear list.

Unlike the 2870 model, the Irish Setter 4837 features 400 grams of Primaloft insulation. This is a very thick insulation that’s very much capable of keeping your feet toasty-warm during winter or snow hunting when the temperatures are quite low.

Similar to 2870 model, these Irish Setter boots are designed to ensure dry and comfortable feet. They feature the exclusive UltraDry construction that consists of a moisture-wicking membrane. So, if you have sweaty feet, then you can rely on these boots to keep them dry as the lining draws out any moisture inside the boot and the outer shell is waterproof so that no moisture will be penetrating inside either.

In case of saturated ground, especially where the snow has thawed or if you will be slogging through a swampy area, your feet won’t get damp because the boots are 10-inch high in addition to their waterproof upper.

Another exclusive feature is the ScentBan lining. It’s a scent control system that is also present in the 2870 model, and it’s what makes the Irish Setter 4837 ideal for deer or bear hunting. It works by killing order causing bacteria inside the boots thereby aids in concealing your presence in the wilderness so that your prey does not smell you even before you prepare for the ambush.

When it comes to traction, the Irish Setter 4837 provides excellent grip on almost all terrain including snow and ice. The outsole is rubber and has a rugged lug pattern that gives steady traction and stability when walking. 

If you have ever tried an Irish Setter boot, then you will agree with me that comfort is always one of their top considerations when making the boots. This pair is no different. It’s very comfy and has supportive cushioning on the tongue which helps to reduce pressure on the shin during long hours of trekking.   

It’s worth noting that the midsole of the boots feature a welted heel which boosts your stability when walking and that’s something you don’t see in many boots. Considering that the boots are also light, you can expect to cover a lot of miles without getting fatigued.

Looking at all these great features, it was indeed a tough choice to place these boots at the 5th position on our list, but we had to since unlike the rest, they are somewhat tight width-wise. So, you have to try them personally to find the right fit. Other than that, they are nice, durable and warm boots.

The Good


  • Very warm boots
  • Will keep your feet completely dry
  • Waterproof design
  • Efficient scent control
  • Firm grip on most terrains
  • Very comfy with great ankle support
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly priced

The Bad


  • The fit small and narrow


Final Word

Designed to deliver optimum performance, comfort, and warmth, this pair of Irish Setter Men’s 4837 Deer Hunting Boots are ideal for anyone planning to go deer hunting in the deep woods in winter as well as for hunts that involve trekking for long distances.  If you are on the market for a pair of Irish hunting boots and the 2870 model did not win you over, then the Irish 4837 is worth checking out.

Northside Renegade Hunting Boot

The Northside Renegade is a solid boot packed with several great features with the main being the 400g Thermolite insulation and heel stabilizer that make it another best option for doing hunting in cold winter conditions.

The 400 grams of insulation is sufficient enough to keep the feet warm on a cold day with a temperature rating of 40 degrees or below. If it’s not cold outside, your feet won’t sweat in these boots either.

In terms of effectiveness in wicking away moisture, their moisture wicking lining is comparable to that of the Irish 2870 Vaprtrek and the Irish 4837 Deer Tracker.   It draws moisture out from the boot and at the same time help to stop any further sweat build up inside.

Moreover, the boots are breathable, so they just don’t offer a sweat free experience but will as well keep your feet well ventilated. 

When it comes to water resistance, the Renegade is not on par with the other five options above. The upper is said to be waterproof but only as long as you don’t step in water that goes above the sole. For puddles, snow or slush, they will do fine to keep your feet warm and dry.

Moving on to traction, again the outsole design of the Renegade is only comparable to that of the Irish setter 2870, 4837 and the Bugaboo Plus III. It offers a very firm grip on the ground. It’s a rubber sole with square shaped lugs and rugged side panels.

One unique feature that I liked about the design of the Renegade boots is the heel stabilizer. If you usually have knee or joint problems due to long hunting hours, then you will appreciate this feature. It provides excellent stabilization to the feet such that when you step on pesky rocks the wrong way, you don’t trip or twist your ankle.

Aside from providing great stability, these boots feel comfortable. The cushioned insole combined with the rubber traction sole keep the feet comfy while walking.  They are also fairly lightweight which makes them one of the best boots to wear if your hunting expedition involves long hours of walking.

There are only two points of concern that I would recommend you keep in mind if you are considering to get these Northside Renegade boots. First, the toe box seems to be too snug, and secondly, the boots are a bit narrow. Therefore, like the Polar Durand, I would advise getting a size at least wider than your normal size to ensure it fit wells and accommodates your feet comfortably.

The Good


  • Sufficient insulation to keep the feet warm
  • Wicks away moisture and prevents sweating
  • Very breathable
  • Superb traction with heel stabilizer for optimum stability
  • Comfortable
  • They are lightweight
  • Durable with leather and textile upper
  • Commendable price

The Bad


  • Waterproof feature not that reliable
  • Toe box is too snug
  • The whole boot in general falls on the small side


Final word

With 400g thermolite insulation, the Renegade hunting boot will give your feet enough warmth to weather through the cold winter. The deeply treaded outsole combined with light weight ensures firm footing and optimum endurance while trekking through the wilderness. 

These are a nice and reliable pair of boots for all types of winter events (hiking or hunting) but not the best choice if you are heading out into deep snow or muddy areas.

Irish Setter Vaptrek 8” Uninsulated Women Hunting Boot

In the seventh position, we have another Irish Setter boot, the 8” Vaptrek Women Hunting Boot. A few years ago, finding hunting boots truly designed for women was almost impossible. Most of my female hunters’ friends had to settle for downsized men’s boots or some of the youth sized hunting boots.

These days you can find a good number of hunting boots on the market that are specifically designed for women. I took the trouble of going through some of the available options in the market, and I must say it’s still hard to find a pair of women hunting boots on the shelves.

Fortunately, I got hold four different pairs, the Women’s Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Hunting Boot, the 8” Irish Setter Vaprtrek Women Hunting Boot, the 8” Girls with Guns Tigress Boot, and a pair of 8” Wolverine Women’s Hunting Boots.

Well, after evaluating the four boots including seeking the opinion of several of my female friends who have a thing for deer hunting, I finally settled on the 8” Irish Setter Vaprtrek. In terms of quality, design, comfort, traction, moisture resistance, and overall performance, these boots offer the best value for money yet they are quite warm like the rest.

ally, tThere isn’t much difference between the 8″ Vaptrek women hunting boots and the other Irish models designed for men. Most of the traits you saw in the men’s versions above are also similar to those in the Vaprtrek 8” women hunting boot. The difference comes in size, fit, and style. Other than that, the rest is on par with the men’s boots. Let’s check it out.

Like the Irish Setter 2870, the Irish Vaprtrek 8” women hunting boots are non-insulated which makes them the best option for early season to mid-season hunting. But they can still go all season. The full grain leather upper, moisture-wicking lining and the overall UltrDry waterproof construction is exactly as what we saw in the other men’s versions and as such these Irish Vaprtrek 8” hunting boots are definitely up to the task of keeping the feet dry and warm just like the men’s versions.

They are also breathable and incorporate the ScentBan silver-ion technology embedded in the footbeds, linings and the uppers to get rid of bacteria that cause odor.

The boots have a rubberized sole with bi-directional lug pattern like the men’s boots; thereby they can provide great grip on most terrains, wet, slippery or muddy.

Whether its men’s or women’s hunting boot, I believe comfort and fit are always very important to many hunters irrespective of their gender. These boots are comfortable yet supportive. They have soft sides with memory foam collar for ankle support and comfortable stability. They also feature Irish Setter’s Cushion Comfort Tongue that offers nice comfort around the shin area.

They run narrow which I find ideal for most ladies but those with a little wider foot, true size might feel a bit tight, so I suggest getting a half size up. For ladies with narrow feet, these are a great-fitting pair of winter hunting boots. Also, they are quite light, so they will not wear you down as you trek for miles in search of a suitable prey.

Of course, a lady has to look good even if she’s out and about stalking wild animals deep in the woods. Well, that seems to be taken cared of as these boots look stylish with a slight bit of pink on the camo to ensure that the lady stands out and as well blends with the natural surroundings in the woods.

I would say these are one of the best hunting boots for the ladies out there who enjoy the wild and exciting experience of trailing and pinning down some wild animal.

The Good


  • Keeps feet warm and dry
  • Waterproof
  • Scent inhibition properties
  • Great traction
  • Very comfortable with nice support
  • Lightweight
  • Looks stylish
  • Durable cement construction

The Bad


  • Narrow fit


Final Thought

These boots are well designed, sturdy, comfortable, and can handle rough use. They are also warm and will keep the feet dry in wet conditions. If you are a woman and love active hunting where you have to switch position every time to track down potential preys, and you are here seeking the best-hunting boots for your next hunt, then I would strongly recommend you get a pair of these Irish Setter 8” Vaprtrek hunting boots.  


Rocky Men’s ProLight Snake Boot Mossy Oak Breakup

While out hunting deep in the wilderness, it’s easy for you to turn prey and not just to the wild animal you are ambushing but also to venomous snakes and other reptiles which sometimes are hard to spot. In such situations, there’s no other type of boots that come in handy like snake boots.

Therefore, we decided to include the Rocky Men’s ProLight Snake Boot on our list. These are one of the top snake-proof hunting boots on the market, offering adequate warmth to take on winter conditions while ensuring safety against snake bites.

They are not insulated, but due to their heavy duty construction, the boots trap enough heat inside to provide sufficient warmth during cold weather conditions. On top of this, they are designed to keep the feet completely dry and prevent sweat build up. The mesh lining inside the boots is air permeable and wicks away any moisture inside making them completely breathable despite their height.

Another best feature is the watertight layer that covers the whole boot.  Chances of water seeping through are almost zero. The boots are built using waterproof-treated full-grain leather for the outer layer and nylon for the inner layer which is a completely waterproof material. Therefore, they have a high level of water resistance not forgetting that they are also around 16 inches tall. Such a height makes trekking through marshy and boggy areas much easier.

The primary aim of these boots is protection against snake bites, and Rocky has truly designed the boots from top to bottom to offer nothing short of maximum protection. The boots are 16” high with full-grain leather covering the whole boot while the outsole is thick rubber.

The ProLight provides a solid shield that’s capable of deflecting the fangs of any snake. If you are planning to go hunting in areas that are very notorious with venomous snakes, then you can be rest assured that the boots will keep your feet safe.

When walking on marshy, muddy or rugged terrain, these boots will not present any difficulties either because their thick rubber outsoles are highly treaded thereby with each step, they will offer optimum adherence on the surface.

I was surprised how light they are considering that most snake boots tend to be somehow heavy. I think this is attributed to the full-grain leather and nylon materials which fall on the lightweight side. You can wear the boots for a long time and walk for miles without your feet feeling exhausted.

I also liked how hassle free they are to put on and take off. As much as this might seem not a big deal, they are very tall boots, and after a long tiring hunt, you wouldn’t want to go through another struggle to get out of your boots. For those who have ever been in this situation, then you will appreciate the accessible zipper on the ProLight for it allows you to quickly and easily get in and out of the boots.

Does it have any flaws? Of course, nothing is perfect. The only issue with the ProLight boots is that they have to be treated first to waterproof them. Other that, you will have no other issue with these pair of Prolight boots.

The Good


  • Heavy duty construction that provides efficient warmth
  • Well-designed to offer total protection against snake bites
  • High water resistance properties
  • Grippy rubber sole pattern
  • Lightweight than most other snake boots
  • Putting on and taking off is hassle free with side Zipper
  • Worth the price

The Bad


  • Comfortable to walk in but might be tight around the calf for some


Final word

The Rocky ProLight brand is an authority in the snake boot industry and looking at the features of its ProLight Snakeproof boots, it’s easy to see why their boots are favored by many hunters as well as ranchers.

At a price of $150, the boots might seem expensive, but they are one of the most affordable models in Rocky’s line of hunting boots. So, if you are a snake country hunter or you are just looking for a nice warm pair of snake proof hunting boots, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pair of Rocky ProLight Snakeproof Hunting Boots.

ARCTIV8 160448-M Men’s Hiking Boot

ARCTIV8 is one of the brands that have some of the most affordable hunting boots on the market.  For a veteran hunter or someone who is used to the more high-end hunting boots, their so inexpensive price might arouse less expectation in terms of quality, performance, and reliability in the field. However, the ARCTIV8 160448-M hiking boots have much to offer.

They are cold-weather boots and do a good job to keep the feet warm in cold conditions. They have a 200g Thermolite insulation which is enough to trap warmth inside the boot to keep you warm. The boots are cold rated to -25F which I highly doubt they can withstand, but in 30 to 40 degrees, your feet will stay warm. They can hold up well in 20 to 25 degrees weather if you put on thermal socks.

The waterproof lining is good enough to keep your feet dry in wet conditions particularly in the rain, but it’s not good enough if you are going in a muddy or swampy area.

There is a low chance of losing footing in these ARCTIV8 160448-M boots when going uphill, downhill or walking on wet surface. Their outsole is rubber with multi-directional lugs that provide great grip on rough and wet terrain.

They have a cushioned footbed, and the sides are soft, so they are somewhat comfortable. However, one of their major setbacks is that they ran large leaving plenty of room for sloppy feet.

There also seems to be several complaints about the insole being cheap material that slips backward after a short time of use. So, it’s worth keeping that in mind if you are considering investing on these boots. Generally, they are a nice pair of warm boots for winter hunters on a tight budget.

The Good


  • Sufficient insulation for early season hunting
  • They are somewhat waterproof
  • Traction is great
  • They feel comfortable
  • Highly affordable

The Bad


  • Insole is too thin and gets slippery with time
  • Durability is an issue
  • Might be large for those with narrow feet


Final Word

The boots are warm, and for the price, they are worth it. So, if you are in search of inexpensive hunting boots that will keep your feet warm and dry during the early hunting season, then the ARCTIV8 160448-M might just be the boots for you.

ARCTIV8 160448-M Men’s Insulated Hiking Boot

There is no much difference between this ARCTIV8 boot and the one above apart from the design. They pretty much share everything in terms of features. However, these pair is lighter and smaller.

In terms of insulation, it also features 200 grams of insulation with a waterproof lining. So, it’s more than capable of keeping your feet warm and dry. The rubber sole has multi-directional treads to provide optimum traction on rugged terrains.

When it comes to comfort and fit, you will have no issues. The inside of the boots is well cushioned thereby it feels comfortable. They are one of the easiest boots to get on and off due to their short shaft design.

However, their small size makes them more of a regular shoe than boots, and that means the lower legs will not be protected enough while out hunting. In short, these boots have a shorter shaft height and are lighter than the other options in our list, and as such, they can significantly boost your mobility and allow you to cover miles of ground.

The Good


  • 200g of insulation ideal for early season hunting
  • Will keep your feet dry as long as water doesn’t go past the sole
  • Offers great traction
  • They are comfortable
  • Very simple to get on and off
  • Highly affordable

The Bad


  • Has thin insole
  • Does not provide adequate protect to the lower legs
  • Durability might be an issue


Final Word

If you are still considering whether or not to get the 8” ARCTIV8 160448-M hiking boots above, then this shorter and smaller version might be the real deal for you. The price is the same, so it’s just a matter of deciding which is more appealing based on your needs.

Tips to Purchasing the Best Hunting Boots

As you’ve seen in the reviews above, there are many factors to consider when selecting a pair of hunting boots. Even if you are just looking for the warmest boots, you can’t turn a blind eye to all the other features. So, here are a few key features you should keep a close eye on as you consider your options.

  1. Construction and Material Type

There are three different materials used in making boots, that is, synthetic, leather, and rubber. Synthetic is the lightest material among the three, and it’s what you will find in most lightweight boots. However, its water resistance ability is lower than the other two materials.

Leather is the sturdier amongst the three and has good water resistance but requires more tending since it can easily dry out and crack when not regularly polished. When it comes to rubber, it’s fairly sturdy but offers little flexibility as far as tightness is concerned. Nonetheless, the boots made of rubber offer the highest water resistance.

Same to materials, boots are constructed in three different styles. There are those constructed using synthetic, or leather welt method and these are the most durable. Those constructed by direct attach method are lightweight and comfortable with good shock absorption property. Finally, you will find boots constructed using the cement method like most Irish Setter boots. These are the best at providing comfort. So, here it’s a matter of going with what’s more suitable for you.

  1. Insulation

This is the most important feature to consider if you are going hunting in cold weather because a poorly insulated boot is one of the things that can make your hunting day miserable or even end it quicker than you expected. In this case, I would recommend looking for boots with insulation of 400g and above as they provide sufficient warmth to withstand extreme cold and snow conditions. For early season hunting, 200g insulation is an ideal option.

Some boots like the Irish Setter 2870 might be un-insulated, but they incorporate some technologies that ensure sufficient warmth in cold conditions, so make sure to check the temperature ratings of un-insulated boots so that you don’t end up ruling them out yet they can withstand cold conditions.

  1. Waterproof and Water resistance

Same as insulation, waterproofing ability is another factor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. First, it’s worth noting that waterproof is not similar to water resistance.  Boots that’s have water resistance properties have durable water repellent finish on the exterior to repel moisture but are not completely impervious to water.

On the other hand, waterproof boots have a waterproof membrane that’s impervious to water penetration. The membrane can also be breathable to wick away moisture thereby keeping your feet completely dry. However, no boots are 100% waterproof.

The best move here is to ensure the boot you are considering is either waterproof or has a high level of water resistance. Make sure they are also breathable to dissipate moisture. One of the top boots that offer both of these properties is the Irish Setter boots.

  1. Traction

Whether you are going hunting uphill, deep in the woods, in rocky areas or marshy and muddy terrain, you should get a pair of boots with a substantial amount of traction. That’s a feature you cannot afford to ignore.

The best option here is a boot with rubber outsole as it offers the better grip. On top of this, the sole should have medium-sized lugs either bi-directional or multi-directional with a rugged surface. This will give you a solid grip and great stability when traversing rocky or slippery terrain.

  1. Comfort and Support

Comfort and support go hand in hand with fit, but you will find boots with different comfort features incorporated in their design.  However, there are common things that a comfortable boot should have. They include padded collars and tongues, thickly cushioned insoles and a lacing up style.

The arch and ankle areas of the boot should also be well supported to ensure you avoid twisting the ankle or ending up with sore feet when you step on pesky stones or fallen branches during a hunt.

Abrasion resistance and substantial shock absorbing sole are two other things you should consider as they are a big plus as far as comfort and support are concerned. I would also recommend you settle on a boot that’s simple to put on and take off. The ones with lace-up style are the best option.

  1. Weight and Height

You should consider a boot that falls on the lightweight side since you might end up tracking a prey for quite a long distance and you don’t want a heavy boot that will slow your pace and wear you down. A boot that weighs around two pounds or below might be ideal for covering long distances, but this will depend on what feels lightweight to you. 

Finally, there isn’t much to talk about height other than recommending a boot that has long shaft height. You need your lower legs protected too, not just your feet, so look for a hunting boot with a higher shaft.

Whether it’s a man’s, woman’s or snake hunting boot, all these key features apply and keeping them in mind when making your decision will go a long way in helping you choose the right boots.

Decision Time

Overall, all the models in this review present some nice features, but there are still so many options on the market to consider. In regards to the warmest hunting boots, I strongly believe these are amongst the best choices you can find out there. However, it’s important to note that your choice of hunting boots will depend on the type of weather or season you are planning to go hunting, your requirements, and budget. 

Nonetheless, if you’ve gone through the reviews and armed yourself with the six tips above, I’m confident that from here, you will be in a good position to narrow down your options and purchase the best boots that will suit your needs.